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#WonuYinks2016 Loading….The Wedding Planner & DJ Are Getting Married! SEE Wonuola & Yinka’s Classy Pre-wedding Pictures | Jide Kola Photography

The wedding planner, Wonuola Hunter of Love & Harmony Events is getting married to DJ Yinks and these pre-wedding photos from Jide Kola Photography has us swooning. We can’t wait to see their wedding photos….gorgeous couple!


How We Met
The first time I laid my eyes on Yinka was at a wedding in November, 2010. I had been invited by a friend who I met over the summer in the UK that year. She and Yinka happened to be friends as well unknowingly to me.
Fast forward to December 23rd, I was back home on vacation from uni and my egbon as we both call her buzzed me that evening and she was like Wonu, I have an aburo, I think you guys would fit. Only because it was coming from her as I wasn’t searching, I was like let me see his picture and Dang!! It turned out to be that cute guy I saw 6 weeks ago.
She gave him my contact details and we started texting/calling. He was different, far from the usual and so I grew fond of him via that platform. We finally decided to meet up towards the end of January and he treated me with so much respect, care and love. We officially started dating on Valentines day, 2011.
Shortly after, travels came in and a couple of doubts came in place about sustainability. So we had decided when ever I got the slightest break from uni, I would run to London, lol. It totally worked!
After relocating to meet him after uni, we both moved back to Nigeria in 2013 and long continued our relationship. Yinka’s love, patience, support and the Grace of God has brought us thus far. He is my perfect gentleman and I’m forever thankful for Him.
Photos From Wonu & Yinka's marriage proposal Planned By LH Events | Weezy Scott Photography
The Proposal
Wonu is a smart young woman, an attentive person, I mean nothing goes past her without her having a clue and so I knew she suspected something was coming. She was snooping, questioning me on why I had to start to take phone calls privately from her after 5 years and asking all sorts. I came up with lies she never got convinced about each time.
She’s an event planner, shes planned so many intimate proposals so I had to swerve her off Her routine.
I was planning with her bestfriend, getting nervous about her catching me, or seeing the ring so I wanted to get it done quickly. Luckily my birthday was a few weeks away. But then again, when Wonu randomly sees people get engaged on either person’s birthday she goes ‘so cliche’, so I knew No to that.
Her bestfriend then suggested that since her sisters birthday was a day before mine, we could make it work that day. The sister was in on the plan and had directly invited Wonu for her birthday party and she was so looking forward to that weekend and how to help as usual.
She had mentioned to me that after the dinner, she’d be going to have drinks n Her bestfriend wanted her to sleep over but she didn’t want to be unavailable for my birthday and asked if i could join them to have drinks, And I said Okay.
The D-day came n by 4pm that Sunday I told her that one contract I had bided for had come through n they wanted to see me.
I headed straight to Intercontinental Hotel to ensure everything was set. We were ready, myself n 15 of our friends were hiding on the other side. I saw her walk in with 2 of her friends by past 7 and heard her questioning why the other guests weren’t there n I knew it was time. The Saxophonist started playing songs, I walked in with my troop, and straight to her on one knee, I asked her to Marry me. Wonu cried her eyes out and I was happy I got her (She could have sworn there was a dinner) She, Her Love, her motivation, the compassion behind that toughness she carries is one in a million.


















How cute are these two? Look out for their traditional wedding photos coming up. Congrats guys!


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