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Women who don’t sleep around before their wedding have happier marriages- Reasearch says

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According to new research by the National Marriage Project,the more men a woman had sex with before marriage,the less satisfied she is in her marriage.They say this is because she becomes aware of alternatives. Meanwhile, a man becomes aware that there is nothing out there and gets tired and bored of jumping around ..The study reads

“Many in Generation YOLO (you only live once) believe that what happens while you’re young won’t affect your future. But our research paints a different picture.’This doesn’t mean that sex before marriage will doom a marriage, but sex with many different partners may be risky if you’re looking for a high-quality marriage.’Having had more relationship experiences prior to marriage also means more experience breaking up.A history of multiple breakups may make people take a more jaundiced view of love and relationships.’
Remember that what you do before you say ‘I do’ seems to have a notable impact on your marital future. So decide wisely.’


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