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Wedding Proposal: Tips on how to pop the question

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Asking that special person to marry you is nerve-wracking, however the following tips will help you pull it off properly.


Loving someone and asking them to marry you are two different things.

Although, this might seem to be a simple act, it marks the beginning of the journey of a lifetime.

This puts a lot of pressure on the men who have to make it unforgettable for their ladies, see here.

In order to propose properly, follow the following steps by Sarah Pease, professional proposal planner.

1. Make it meaningful- A wedding proposal can not be flimsy, it has to be sentimental. It has to hold some meaning to both of you. So, use special details like where you first met, kissed, or said, “I love you!” to a favorite restaurant, view, stroll, or even a song, movie, or book in order to make it very special.

2. Figure out if you want it to be public or private- This decision is a serious one because the proposal should be about the woman. So, find out by subtly asking her about herself. You can also ask friends and family whose secrecy you can trust for their advice. If you are still not sure, play it safe by making it private.

3. Before you pick the date of the proposal, find out what her plans/schedule for that day are. This way, you can plan around it and your plans won’t be in vain.

4. Pick out your outfit- While this may sound vain, you need to look good for this special day.

5. Have a back up plan.

6. Get a photographer- This way you can have memories of this special day.

7. It does not have to be too expensive to be great- “You can splurge on having professional photo and video,” Pease says. “You’ll show these photos and videos to so many people that you may want it to be beautiful and a keepsake to cherish and show your future grandkids. But beyond that, I think a proposal can be very special for even a few hundred dollars.”

8. You do not need a script, just an idea- “Think about what you want to say ahead of time and focus on three things that you definitely want to communicate,” Pease suggests. “More than that will be too much and you’ll forget it.”

9. Perfection is overrated- so, if something unexpected happens, Pease says, “laugh it off and remind yourself that this is real life—not a rom-com. And think of the hilarious story you’ll have to tell in the future.”


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