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After 8years, 8months & 7days of courting! Man finally propose to girlfriend at his twin sister’s wedding

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After waiting for 8 years and 8 months of courting, Busayo Oyedokun an’t keep calm as she gets engaged to the love of her life Ayotunde Ilesanmi, who proposed to her at his twin sister’s wedding last weekend.

The young pilot popped the big question at his twin sister’s wedding reception.

Busayo had this to say about the proposal:

People sometimes ask how we do it that we have dated for so long and I just smile and say what comes to mind (truth). For 8years 8months and 7days you were my boyfriend. We have loved, fought, cried, laughed, broken up (indirectly), encouraged each other, corrected eachother, stood by each other through thick and thin. I always boasted that I would never cry cuz I have waited for this day for long but I did not only cry, I was an onion cutter lol. Always been called Busayt but a few people knew it was BusAyotunde. 

You shocked me as you picked a date very dear to everyones heart to ask me to marry you (your twin sisters wedding day @ayobowale @semi_lolo). Even when you were far away and it seemed that would be the end of us, we still somehow worked it out. I am happy I said yes for the second time and I look forward to the major YES!!! I will always love you my fiancé Ayotunde Ilesanmi @capt_ayt I am ready to travel the world and make cute replicas with you???????✈️✈️✈️Being Ruth finally paid off?????. ”



She also revealed how she hooked her sister-in-law who is a Lawyer with her hubby who is an Engineer!

So I remember 5years+ my friend turned brother @semi_lolo said he was bored and needed someone to talk to, the idea was to link him with someone of same standard and IQ so my sister-in-law (sounds heavenly) @ayobowale came to mind. I gave wole the number with a strong warning (please do Not date if not serious only gist?). Two years plus later I was asked how I would feel I heard they were dating (happy ofcourse) On the 23rd of April 2016 they became Engineer and Barrister Adetuberu ????. Thank you for letting @peachvillevents plan your wedding and most Importantly thank you for giving me 10mins of happiness that will never fade on your special day. God will bless your home I love you both. #matchmaker. I will still catch you for the embarrassing setup tho?????.

Pilot Ayotunde had this to say to his soon-to-be bride, whom he met at the Olabisi Onabanjo University years ago.

Thank you for the years you have stood by me and loved me and made me become a better person. Thank you for the opportunity you have given me to love you and be your man. I’ll stand by you always, love you always, treat you as the jewel that you truly are, show to the world that my love for you is boundless… I cherish you babe, and you mean the world to me…I love you to bits and pieces. 




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