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Top Nigerian Wedding Trends From 2017 We Would Love To SEE in 2018

From themed weddings to caricature illustrations and groom’s lady, here are the trends we’ve spotted for the year ahead. So, if you’re planning a wedding in 2018, make sure you take note of the key 2017 wedding trends, including some hot 2017 wedding dress trends! These things will be big news for the new year and will shape how weddings will look in 2018. Get ahead of the curve now. Be inspired.

Studio/ clean & OTT pre-wedding shoots

Engagement shoots are becoming more and more popular, with couples in Nigeria and beyond choosing to celebrate their love through photography. We’ve shared so many different pre-wedding themes in the past (see here) and we’re loving this new trend of clean, classy and over the TOP shoot like the ones below.

TOP Nigerian Wedding Trend 2017 btoks pre-wedding

TOP Nigerian Wedding Trend 2017pre-wedd



Wedding Fashion/ Style

Glam Lingerie Robes/ Dressing gowns
This timeless sensual robes  made with fur and sheer mesh evokes timeless glam inspired by burlesque stars and Old Hollywood musicals! It simply shows how vintage glamorous lingerie can be, and brides are really feeling this trend! What do you think? Yay or nay?


TOP Nigerian Wedding Trend 2017 robe dressing gown3

TOP Nigerian Wedding Trend 2017 robe 4

bridal robe

TOP Nigerian Wedding Trend 2017 robe7

Half Braided Gele Trend

The Nigerian Gele has come a long way indeed, and it keeps evolving every single time thanks to MUAs and professional glee artists who look for ways to create unique and incredible styles. From iconic gele in 2015 to 6 yards Ankara pleat gele in 2016 (see HERE) and now the half braid gele. We love this trend, so pretty! Yay or nay?

braided gele 1

braided gele

Ankara & Aso-oke Mix

This is a new trend and we think it’s lovely! A mix of Ankara and Aso-oke, do you think bride’s will jump on this? Yay or nay?

TOP Nigerian Wedding Trend 2017 ankara aso-oke 1TOP Nigerian Wedding Trend 2017 ankara ao-oke2

TOP Nigerian Wedding Trend 2017 ankara aso-oke copy

Wedding Catering Trends

Finger foods/ small chops

The new trend in food is equal parts yum and fun. Menus are being carefully curated with favorite eats and local specialties (think: grilled fish, samosa, small chops with snails for a nail wedding after-party). But the presentation is almost upstaging the food. Self-serve bars and food installations, like a hanging acrylic shelf piled high with doughnuts and dessert tables, are instant wows. Set up a doughnut wall with gourmet selections or treat guests to a full-service sundae bar. These interactive stations will give your friends and family something to do and talk about, long after the wedding.

TOP Nigerian Wedding Trend 2017 small chops

TOP Nigerian Wedding Trend 2017small chops0

TOP Nigerian Wedding Trend 2017food00


Doughnut Deli, a sugary wall of joy! Doughnuts are set to be a huge trend come 2018. We’ve got lots of doughnut wedding ideas below to inspire you – ideal if you want to include your favourite sugary treat on your big day. They work well as favours, treats on a dessert table or even stacked up as a wedding cake alternative. What do you think about this trend? Yay or nay for 2018?

TOP Nigerian Wedding Trend 2017dognuts copy copy

TOP Nigerian Wedding Trend 2017doghnut dessert

Gilded Traditional Wedding Cakes

Looking for a wedding cake that’s anything but ordinary? Consider a gilded wedding cake and be bang on trend with this royal look and feel to your traditional wedding. These creative cakes will look amazing at your reception and you’ll almost not want to cut into them promise…let us know what you think.

nigerian traditional wedding gilded cake2

nigerian traditional wedding gilded cake

TOP Nigerian Wedding Trend 2017 TRADITIONAL cake6

Palm wine bar at Weddings

Palm wine  is really having a moment and it’s not going to go away anytime soon. Nigeria’s hippest local drink has become favourites for couples and their guest alike, and cocktail mixers are even using it as a base in so many cocktails, and has been featured prominently at some trending weddings this year – cementing its status as a wedding drink must-have for 2018.

Damilola and Folarin #DFLO17Yoruba Nigerian Wedding Bisola Borha TrendyBEE Events 9

Damilola and Folarin #DFLO17Yoruba Nigerian Wedding Bisola Borha TrendyBEE Events 16

TOP Nigerian Wedding Trend 2017 palmwine

TOP Nigerian Wedding Trend 2017palmwine3

TOP Nigerian Wedding Trend 2017palmwine4

TOP Nigerian Wedding Trend 2017palmwine09

Wedding Décor Trends

Wedding Themes

After years of pretty simple wedding ideas being in vogue, couples will be looking for something different in 2018 – something with a little more drama, edge, personality and nature inspired thanks to Bisola Borha of TrendyBee Events, who has planned such fantastic themed weddings back to back, see HERE, HERE and HERE. Wedding themes are set to be huge in 2018 – with lights and lots of gorgeous floral arrangements.

Aquatic theme
Aquatic theme
Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland

Décor trends are going au naturel. If you can’t celebrate under the stars, bring the outside in. Add some oversize potted trees to a ballroom for an instant forest effect. Or incorporate natural elements like wood and stone into your table settings. Greenery (not just the color) continues to trend—it’s easy to manipulate and can give your décor an undone but beautiful look. Bouquets are getting bigger too and some old-school styles, like cascade and pageant, are making a serious comeback.

Farm themed
Farm themed

Sunmbo & Moses' Farm Themed Yoruba Traditional Wedding Planned By TrendyBee Events 36

Tropical Theme
Tropical Theme

TOP Nigerian Wedding Trend 2017barn wedding

Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland
Vintage (OLEKU)
Vintage (OLEKU)
Tropical theme
Tropical theme

Grand Entrance Trends


Think of this entrance as a fresh take on the classic sparkler send-off. Surprise your guests with an unexpected entrance by descending from the ceiling, from an unexpected entrance, on the back seat of a luxury car, in a horse-drawn carriage or by helicopter. For a twist on the trend, have a really memorable exist instead. Anything goes—and just think of the photo ops!  Superb.

TOP Nigerian Wedding Trend 2017 entrance1

TOP Nigerian Wedding Trend 2017entrance

Exceptional Entertainment

Some couple surely gave their guests an evening they won’t soon forget with unparalleled entertainment. Thinking outside the box with an aerialist or go the more traditional route with music, but pair it with a performance. We’re kinda obsessed with this trend. It’s fun and definitely entertaining!

TOP Nigerian Wedding Trend 2017entertainer

TOP Nigerian Wedding Trend 2017entertainer3

TOP Nigerian Wedding Trend 2017 entertainers

Caricature/ Photo illustrations

We’re loving the new twist on the traditional souvenirs. These caricature illustrations are the perfect alternatives for using your real  photos on your wedding souvenirs. Much like a photo booth, there’s a designated space and, in some cases, props. But instead of four rapid-fire shots, there’s a live photographer asking you to vogue for the camera. You get a stellar classic portrait perfect for your gallery wall. Your guests will be lining up, trust us. Vintage-loving duos might opt for an illustrator instead, who can sketch guests in their finest duds. Or you could even hire a live painter to commemorate your day. This doubles as fun entertainment for your guests and a keepsake for you. Meanwhile, Geofilters are joining hashtags as the hottest way to be social at weddings (#duh).

wedding illustration 6

wedding illustration 5

wedding illustration 1

Groom’s Lady

Weddings are changing, with couples opting to make the day special to them and their tastes rather than following strict traditional rules. Today female best men and groomsmen are becoming more common and including a close female friend in your wedding party is no longer a big deal, and has even become increasingly popular as more men are including their sisters, friends etc. We definitely love this trend!

grooms lady nigerian wedding trend 1

grooms lady nigerian wedding trend 4

grooms lady nigerian wedding trend 2

grooms lady nigerian wedding trend 3

grooms lady nigerian wedding trend 7

TOP Nigerian Wedding Trend 2017best lady groomslady

Beautiful father-daughter moments

The sweetest father-daughter wedding moments, from walking down the aisle to your father-daughter dance. You won’t want to miss these! … Moments are Almost Too Sweet to Handle. Need a good cry? These sweet, emotional, and even sometimes silly father-daughter wedding moments will get you right in the feels! A trend, that’s here to stay!

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