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Tolu & Oyeronke! An Inspiring Story About Love, Endurance, Discipline & Determination | Soji Oni Photography 

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It wasn’t exactly love at first sight. However, after 8years; its now love at every sight. Tolu shares with us, him and Oyeronke’s inspiring story about love, endurance, discipline and determination.     Be inspired!
How they met: I met this young girl through a friend of hers back in Babcock University.


We became plain friends without strings attached. But as you would expect; we began to attend school functions as well as study together on campus… and students’ began assume us as couples. Yes, they were right, we got closer and our friendship officially became a relationship. We were well known on campus.                                


 After 3 years of studying together on campus, I graduated while she remained for her final year and distance became a part of our relationship. As with other university relationship; many people expected distance to break us but surprisingly; ours was different as distance brought us closer. We invested so much in communication, talking almost every day via phone. 

As if this was not enough, we separated further as one of us had to go abroad for study. This was more challenging because regular contact became an issue due to high international call tariffs. Meanwhile, beyond communication challenges, while we were apart; she received more toasters who advised her to leave her man and not wait for a man whom she had no idea of his doings abroad. She refused to heed to such advice. What a wise lady !

One thing (GOD’s Grace) was sure to have kept us together among others such as self discipline; determination to make our relationship work; communication, and friendship. 

I have seen her in various shades over the last 8 years and have realized that, of course she isn’t perfect and neither am I. We have shared lots of wonderful moments that confirmed our genuine love.

To this end, we have decided after 8 years to say “I DO” and live happily after. To GOD be the glory. #Tolronks2016 #FEB20
Join us to celebrate and share our story…….
Please see more pictures via the link below.

Photograph by @SojiOni



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