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South African Zulu Bride Nosipho Miya & Her Groom, Demetrius Leiva Wore Ankara Inspired Wedding Attires For Their Wedding

How gorgeous is this South African Zulu bride Nosipho Miya and her handsome new hubby, Demetrius Leiva? The couple looked absolutely divine in their complimenting Ankara inspired wedding dress and suit. The colours, styling and details, everything looked absolutely perfect, we couldn’t resist not sharing with y’all such beautiful wedding. Congrats to the lovely couple, more love & happiness!

Se all the photos courtesy of conneryfilm! Be inspired.




From Nosipho:

“I’m African and I was getting married a thousand miles away from home. I wanted to have something that feels like home, to feel closer to my roots and represent my heritage, especially since our wedding was September 23rd (5:30pm) which was September 24th in South Africa and it was heritage day. I’m proudly South African/ African, and I always try to portray that through everything I do. I wanted to give my American guests a new wedding experience.

I thought instead of a typical white wedding, why not put an African twist to it. Ankara fashion is trending right now in African communities. So I thought why not wear an Ankara inspired dress. I wanted it to be both African and western to represent both, mine and my husband cultures. We mostly had South African music played at the wedding too. Our Dj was American and has never heard of Afro-house music so I made a list of songs and artists to play. It was very important to me that our guests see who I really am, and where I come from. It was also important to represent the whole continent, and not just the South African culture because I am African just as much as I am South African.”
















south-african-zulu-bride-nosipho-miya-her-handsome-new-hubby-demetrius-leiva-wore-ankara-inspired-wedding-attires-for-their-wedding-ankara-wedding-dress-14 south-african-zulu-bride-nosipho-miya-her-handsome-new-hubby-demetrius-leiva-wore-ankara-inspired-wedding-attires-for-their-wedding-ankara-wedding-dress-13


“My advice to future brides planning their wedding is finding your wedding vendors as soon as possible. Meet up with them and make your decision on exactly what you want them to do for you as soon as possible. Time files when planning a wedding, and you don’t even realize until it’s a month away. So the sooner you check things off your list the better. Your wedding dress should be the first thing to check off. That’s your number 1 priority. Have fun and enjoy the planning process. Don’t let the pressure get to you. If some things aren’t going the way you want them too, don’t stress too much over it. And don’t try to force something that isn’t working out. It’s only gonna cause you more stress, it’s not worth it. A wedding is a big event and there’s gonna be issues up until the day of the event. So fix what you can and don’t obsess over what you can’t fix or control. It’s just gonna eat you up and cause you to loose your sanity.”





The Creative’

Venue- Wedgewood 
Cake – Some Crust bakery
Florist – Irises Designs
Catering – Wedgewood
Dj – JC entertainment
Photographer – Connery Films
Videographer – Farcrystudios


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