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Opeyemi & Olugbenga’s Cute Proposal Story & Pre-wedding Photos

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Ope and Gbenga will be got married last weekend, May 2016. the lovely bride shared with us how they met and their cute proposal story below….


How They Met 

I and Gbenga met once in 2013 at an event but we weren’t really friends because we both had people we were dating, early last year he sent a message asking if I could still remember him, and that was how the fire started burning.

Opeyemi & Olugbenga pre-wedding 2


How He Proposed

On my birthday last year, he came to the house in the morning to pick me, he secretly told my brother and my sister he was going to propose that day but none of them told me, we got to his place and i found out he had all gifts for me. we went out and had a great time??
Although he had already told me he was going to take me out on a private dinner….he got me all clueless to the extent that he said ‘oh baby I’m tired and we are both hungry o, if not that I have promised to take you to dinner I would have just canceled it but let’s just go and have a drink sha…lol..

He made the dinner look so unimportant but I didn’t know that was part of the plan. We were set for dinner and he started making some confusing calls saying things like “yes sir, I’m coming sir, ok sir , are you there? I’m sorry sir I’m on my way, but I’m with my wife, I will take her along so she can meet you sir…etc, I didn’t know he was talking to his friends just to make sure they were there and set.


Opeyemi & Olugbenga pre-wedding 1

After the call he said, ‘baby pls I want to see one of my bosses and get a file from him, he’s lodged at Transcorp Hilton.’ So we got there and I told him I’ll wait for him in the car while he quickly go and see his boss,he said no let’s go see him together so i can meet him.

So we got there and I sat at the lounge to wait for the so called boss, suddenly I saw a waiter beside me , handing over a small bag to me and saying happy independents day..I looked at him and his face was like,” Why will u give my wife a gift beside me,” he collected the bag from me claiming he wanted to see what was inside and before I knew it , he was on his knees, his friends had surrounded us , I couldn’t do anything but laugh and bury my face..oh yes I said was my best birthday ever.


Opeyemi & Olugbenga pre-wedding


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