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NW Bridal Beauty: Great Tips on How To Heal, Lighten & Soften Dark, Dry, Chapped Lips…..Achieve A Kissable Lips

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Every woman deserve a rosy & kissable lips. But due to stress, environmental factors, poor diets, the lips darkens, becomes dry and even chapped. So what can you do to achieve that kissable lips?

Here are some natural remedies to help you fix and treat these problems.

To Lighten & Soften your lips:

Honey is a natural ingredient to treat lips that have turned dark with age and other external factors. Honey has many beauty benefits, one of the benefits is that it can soften lips and give your lips a pink glow. Apply honey over night, every day. Apply it all over your lips and let it dry. Don’t wash off.

Lemon is used commonly to treat darker patches and spots of skin. But did you know you can also use lemon to naturally lighten dark lips. While, nights are the best to apply lemon juice on your lips. Massage freshly squeezed lemon juice on your lips overnight before you go to sleep.

For naturally smooth and pink lips, use one tablespoon of strawberry juice with two tablespoons of petroleum jelly on your lips. Use this mixture as lip balm daily on your lips.

There are many berries like strawberries and raspberries that can solve your problems of dark lips. You need to make a paste by mixing raspberries along with pure honey and aloe Vera juice. Apply and leave it for at least five minutes. Rinse it off and apply a home made lip balm. Raspberries contain vital minerals and vitamins, needed for your lips to remain healthy and vibrant.


Photo by B4UBlink Photography, Bridal hair by Unique Berry Hairs

Some oils can be good for the lips, like olive oil, mustard oil, tea tree oil. Clove oil is also used who have dark and patchy lips. Olive oil is the best among the others because it does not have any harmful effects. Apply one of these oils onto your lips before going to sleep.
Massage your lips with ice cubes. It will keep the lips nourished, moisturized and fresh.

Apply the mixture of castor oil and almond oil to massage your lips to make them pinkish naturally.

After learning so many tips, it’s time to put them to practice follow these tips regularly and see how your lips bloom like a rose.

To treat Chapped lips…exfoliate!

Use two parts olive oil, or jojoba or coconut oil if you prefer, to one part brown sugar in a bowl. Whisk and blend it together to form a paste. It couldn’t be simpler!

If you want to get fancy, you can always add a drop of an essential oil such as lavender or peppermint. Simply use your fingertips to apply the scrub directly to your lips and buff away for about two minutes.

We used brown sugar is because it’s exfoliating, but it’s also gentle on your lips and not too harsh. Next, add the olive oil, which is also a great moisturizing agent. It leaves your lips nice and smooth. Other suggestions include:

If you don’t have any brown sugar on hand, using white or raw sugar can
work, too. It’s just a little rougher, so be careful that you don’t exfoliate
too hard – be gentle.

Can’t wait to wear red, or other bright, dark lipstick? Smooth lips before
are a must! Scrub first.

Lip scrub helps buff away dead skin cells and smooth out lips, but don’t
forget to drink lots of water to hydrate from the inside out….one of the best tip!

Featured image by Bisi Crystal Eyez


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