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Nigerian Wedding Vendor Spotlight: “From Playing With Beyonce’s Brows & Giving Genevieve Nnaji A Flawless BEAT” Makeup Artist, Adebola Taiwo Of Beautywise Makeovers Shares Her Hopes, Success, Struggles & More

Nigerian Wedding is proud to announce our second Nigerian Wedding Vendor Interview Series for the year 2017, whoop whoop. Every month we will be showcasing top local Nigerian wedding vendors, in different states around the country who have greatly impacted the wedding industry with their amazing work.

To kick off our 2nd interview this year for the month of March, we connected with the talented and hardworking Lagos based makeup artist, Adebola Taiwo of Beautywise Makeovers. She shared with us, how she started her career as a makeup artist. Be inspired! 

Photos by Diko Photography.


Adebola Taiwo of BEAUTWISE Makeover 4


1. Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I am Adebola Taiwo a professional makeup artist, I attended School of Science Ile-Ife. Being a science student I went ahead to study Food Science and Engineering at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Ogbomosho, Oyo State.

2. How did you get involved in makeup and becoming a professional?

I have always loved the beauty profession. I got the enthusiasm for makeup while assisting my elder sister prepare for beauty pageants. I vividly remember how she made me her beautician even as a teenager. Thereafter, it became part of me to advise my friends on anything beauty while in the university,
After my Youth Service I travelled to London to stay with my sisters and I had an eye opener from visits to makeup stores like Mac cosmetics, Maybelline etc.
When I came back to Nigeria my hubby advised me to train professionally. I took his advice and had my first professional training with Ewar of blessed memories. I have also taken several professional trainings.


Adebola Taiwo of BEAUTWISE Makeover 3


3. What’s your favourite makeup tool?

My blending brushes

4. What’s your favourite part about doing a brides makeup?

When am working on the eyes, because l believe eyes are the windows to the soul.


5. Can you describe your first experience of getting a bride glammed up? How did it make you feel?

I remember my first bride, we had done the trial session like three weeks before the event, only to get there on her wedding day and saw a big pimple on her nose, I was able to conceal and cover it up a bit, and the couples gratitude made my day.

6. What are the biggest challenge makeup artists have to face?

I think every makeup artist biggest challenge are oily skin and acne, take those out, with the right tools, products and the right skills there will be no challenge.


Adebola Taiwo of BEAUTWISE Makeover



7. If a customer asks for a style that you are sure would not suit them, how do you convince the customer to go otherwise?

I create their style take a picture and go for mine, then we compare the best for them. Although clients know a professional when they see one and they allow you do your thing.

8. Best moments of your career so far?

One of the special moments in my career was during the makeup for the wedding of the Princess of Benin Kingdom.

9. What’s the most eccentric request you’ve received?

To make-up for a corpse

10. How would you describe your personal style?

As my mood and weather dictates, or casual chic

11. If you could do a makeup for a celebrity, who would you choose and why?

International will be Beyonce, will love to play with her brows lol. For Nigeria it will be Genevieve Nnaji, because she doesn’t wear loud makeup, and it will be my pleasure to give her a clean flawless beat.
Adebola Taiwo of BEAUTWISE Makeover 5


12. What has been your greatest motivation?

It is God because He has made everything “beautiful” in His own time. Also pioneer makeup artists like Tara, BM Pro, Ewar (blessed memories) etc.

13. What project has given you the most personal satisfaction?

I will say almost all my bridal jobs

14. What’s your favourite cosmetic/makeup brand?

Mac cosmetic

15. What’s your vision for your brand?

The vision of Beautywise is to go beyond makeup and become an household name in cosmetics and services
Adebola Taiwo of BEAUTWISE Makeover 8


16. Have you had any last minute fail /disappointment? And how did you cope or overcome it?

Yes, when a bride called that her aunt paid for her with another makeup artist, and that is about two weeks to the wedding when about four other brides has called for the particular date and I already told them its booked, another was a day before the wedding, it was painful but l used the opportunity to enjoy quality time with my family.

17. What do you find the most difficult part about your job?

Nothing really, because every job has its ups and downs, and handling the downs and turning it into ups is what set us apart. but what l found difficult is the Nigerian timing, clients keeping you waiting for long hours before makeup.

18. How has social media helped with the promotions and publicity of your business?

90% of my publicity is on social media. Thanks to you guys @nigerianwedding and others who believe in our dreams and has use their platform to make us what we are today.
Adebola Taiwo of BEAUTWISE Makeover 6


19. What’s your favourite lip colour?

Golden nude

20. What advice do you have for anyone his or her business?

Put God at the centre of it all, work hard and pray hard. Get the right skills/training, don’t ignore constructive criticism on your work. Get the necessary tools or equipment you need.

21. When stuck or in crisis, who is the first person you would call? and why?

Nobody prays for crisis, but if at all am stuck, My God first. Followed by my husband

22. If you should win the lottery , what’s the first thing you would purchase?

A building and convert it to a beauty emporium.

Adebola Taiwo of BEAUTWISE Makeover 9


If you enjoyed learning about Beautywise Makeovers and would like to learn more about other local vendors we will be showcasing new vendors every month as part of our new Interview Series.

Sit tight, be inspired!

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