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Nigerian Wedding Vendor Spotlight: MEET Ronke Adefalujo Of Rhonkefella Makeovers

Whoop whoop! It’s Nigerian Wedding’s sixth interview of the Nigerian Wedding Vendor Interview Series. In the last seven months we’ve featured five incredibly talented industry experts, read their interviews HEREHEREHEREHERE and HERE.

To kick off our interview for this month of October, we connected with the incredibly passionate and hardworking Lagos based makeup artists and style blogger Ronke Adefalujo of Rhonkefella Makeovers

Read as  Ronke Adefalujostarted her career as a makeup artist. Be inspired! 

Photos by Diko Photography.





1. How did you get involved with makeup and becoming a professional makeup artist?


I have always loved makeup as a teenager infact my dream has always been to go to House of Tara to learn proffessional makeup since 2009 but aside the fact that there wasn’t enough funds I still hadn’t gained admission into the university so I needed to set my priority straight so fast foward to 2013 I was already in school and fortunately the ASUU strike happened and the zeal to learn makeup proffessionally came hunting again and I tormented my mum literally and she provided the funds for me to learn professionally from House of Tara.


2. Could you please provide us with some background on how you started your business and why you were inspired to enter the Wedding Industry?

I have always loved makeup and fashion, I love Art so it was easy for me. Makeup called me even I wasn’t doing this proffessionally trust me I would have been one of those normal ladies who do their makeup well. So it was a Talent and because I wanted a deep knowledge of what it was and what it entails I decided to brush up my Talent and become a proffessional so my inspiration was basically”PASSION” so passion for makeup made me enter the wedding industry.





3. What do you feel are the most important elements for brides to consider when choosing a makeup artist?

We have so many proffessional and unprofessional makeup artist out there as at today, makeup is an art work and we all do it differently so I will advice a bride to check through different makeup brands and artist and stick to the one that best describes her kind of looks, stick to the one that appeals to you most and most importantly do a background check of how proffessionally the brand operate particularly with the issue of TIME/customer relationship

4. Can you describe your first experience with weddings? How did it make you feel?

My first experience made me tensed I always prayed I delivered up to expectations. When ure upcoming people find it hard to trust you but so that alone can somtimes not be encouraging. But my very first bride was really amazing though.






5. What has been your greatest motivation while working in the wedding industry?
The people who appreciate my work motivate me to do better, see their are some bad days I won’t lie, every MUA have their bad days some client face wouldn’t just pop like u want it, so some MUA don’t bother posting such pictures but what keeps me going are the ones who cheer you and always encourage you. Some even recreate the looks I do which is inspiring it helps me to be more and not want to dissapoint them


6. Have you received any awards or recognitions to date? If so what were they?

Oh well yes, RHONKEFELLAMAKEOVER has been nominated as the beauty brand of the year amongst other brands under the nominations of Lagos 30 under 40 awards. We hope we win! But then being nominated feels good too we are going somewhere.





7.What project has given you the most personal satisfaction?

Diversifying into fashion blogging , honestly as giving me a sense of fufilment and satisfaction.

8. What would you consider your businesses greatest strength and weakness?

Our strength as a makeup brand is the fact that we are original, we know the purpose of why the brand was created and we take each day at a time to achieve it, another strength is Time! I can categorically say if I have worked with 50brides/clients I have kept to time 48 times. You see makeup business has to also deal with human Relations in as much as I know no matter how much we try we can’t satisfy every client not because we are not willing but some client cannot be satisfied, we also know the importance of time in the life of a client specially a bride and we dare say we don’t joke with it. So RHONKEFELLA is always on time.

When it comes to weakness their are always loopholes here and there you know but by the grace of God we have been delivering.







9. What has been your greatest collaboration?

Every collaboration was a hit back to back ? so everytime was wonderful with every vendor i have worked with. Eg: IMAGEFACULTY,DIKOPHOTOGRAPHY,AYOALASI etc


10. Who have you not had the opportunity to collaborate with yet but would love to?

There are a whole lot of vendors I would love to work with , eg: Tope Horpload, JOP studios to mention but a few.




11. What’s your vision for your brand?

My vision for my brand is to remain ever creative and original and never to be the second best but be the best and for you to be the best you must be perfection, perfection can’t be built in a day so our vision is a journey we are ready to walk through.


12. Have you had any last minute fail /disappointment ?And how did you cope or overcome it?

Disappoint is normal when dealing with humans, it comes with the job so I mostly do not dwell on it I just learn from it and make sure I let my client understand the condition on how my brand operate so we can both work together peacefully and on clear terms.
13. What tool is your favourite (for your job) and you cant live without?

EYELASHES on myself or a client I can’t do without it so I have different types for different individuals some like it thick, some really natural, we get am.


14. What do you find the most difficult part about your job?

Honestly nothing is easy, you see makeup is an art work makeup artist are like mini gods trying to enhance ones facial features isn’t a child’s play, God has perfected an individual o, we makeup artist now want to redefine Gods work that is extra work my sister. that’s why when I see people heavily criticize a work of an MUA it’s just touching, from the brows to eyeshadow blending , foundation blending , getting proper picture for the gram and also branding . It’s not easy it’s the passion that makes it easy.






15. What are the most challenging episodes you have gone through?

Having to wakeup as early as possible is not for small children ooo, now some client do not have a proper skin regimen and they believe that after makeup they will look like the girl in the magazine, forgetting that even the girl in the magazine doesn’t look like that. Sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn’t. So having to relate this to a client can be difficult for some people, some clients also believe they can be rude and bossy because they are paying you, some dictate what they want, forgetting you are the proffessional who should advice what is best. These are a few challenges amongst many it doesn’t mean we get this type of client always but then they are part of our experiences.






16. How has social media helped with the promotions and publicity of your business?

Social media has been tremendously helpful special thanks to you Nigerian WeddingRHONKEFELLA team is grateful And to every other IG blog who has seen our works worth reposting I am super grateful and honoured.
17. What advice do you have for new makeup artist just starting their business?

My advice to every up and coming MUA is makeup is expensive, u must invest seriously in it for you to enjoy the benefit, from the act of learning and developing the skills, to the act of knowing and purchasing what brand of products you love or should own, it’s not a child play as most people think. Makeup Artistry as evolved so if u must be taken serious, you must be ready I know this doesn’t sound totally encouraging but I wouldn’t sugarcoat it just because I don’t want to scare you, pls pursue it only if you have passion for it and not because you perceive it as an easy job.






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If you enjoyed learning about Rhonkefella Makeovers and would like to learn more about other local vendors we will be showcasing new vendors every month as part of our new Interview Series.

Sit tight, be inspired!


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  • Dee
    October 5, 2016

    I love rhonkefella, you inspire me!..

    Don’t stop being real.

  • Susan Fenty
    October 5, 2016

    Rhonke you will make me up on my wedding day