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Nigerian Wedding Vendor Spotlight: MEET Bisola Borha Of TrendyBEEvents

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Whoop whoop! It’s Nigerian Wedding’s fifth month of the Nigerian Wedding Vendor Interview Series. In the last four months we’ve featured five incredibly talented industry experts, read their interviews HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

To kick off our interview for this month of June, we connected with the incredibly passionate and hardworking Lagos based wedding planner, Bisola Borha of TrendyBEEvents!



Ever so often we’re sent images that truly take our breath away, and we certainly had one of those moments when we first clapped eyes on Bisola‘s incredible attention to details of weddings planned and executed by her and her team!

They are essentially fun-filled – beautifully executed, classy, sleek, elegant, and so utterly pleasing to the eye. We immediately felt like we had to get the inside scoop on, Bisola Borhathe woman behind these gorgeously executed weddings.

She kindly obliged and we were delighted that she spilt the beans to us on how she started her wedding planning business  6 years ago, from planning her friend’s (who lives outside the country) Family Introduction ceremony, and how she ended up planning her entire wedding, including the traditional and church wedding!




She also shares with us how the wedding planner industry has been a huge platform for her, what a typical day is like, her favourite part of the journey of any event from consultation to execution and which celebrity couple she’d like to plan their wedding!

We discovered that she treasures the ‘connection’ she shares with every single client, and we were bowled over by her genuine hard work, dedication and passion to every single project. Indeed her phenomenal success is and will be an inspiration to all wedding entrepreneurs out there.

Read, enjoy and be inspired….


Photos by Diko Photography.



1. Could you please provide us with some background on how you started
your business and why you were inspired to enter the Wedding Industry?

TrendyBEEvents is a signature events, consultation, production and execution company that produces extraordinary events by certified event producers.

If You had asked me 6 years ago if I wanted to be an Event  planner I would have said Nope .. In fact then I had no idea what direction Or path I was really headed ,but I prayed to God for direction because I
was not comfortable with were I was at that time. A friend of mine who was based in Atlanta in America then felt I was the life of the party ,called me up to plan her introduction in Nigeria. Hmmmn that sounded like fun, so I was like sure !

Me just thinking I was being a good supportive friend ,then it all went so successful I was asked to plan the engagement and wedding ,then started getting Enquires to plan bigger events, wow God had answered my prayers, and the story continues, this was IT, I am here today super proud and humbled, I still have a lot more I would love to achieve so working super smart with prayers.

2.  What’s your favourite part of the journey to any event from consultation to execution

Bonding with My clients ,then bringing their brief to life gives me life!

3. Can you describe ,what gave you a huge platform in the Wedding
Industry and becoming a professional?

First of all I must mention most wedding planners in Nigeria are doing great, I am super proud of them. The success in the Industry has made wedding planners respected and super important  and most people will not go ahead with an event now without one so that was a platform.

Producing outstanding fun events gave me a huge platform.  I had gone to weddings that were just plain boring in the past, so I promised myself to always add beautiful elements  in all my jobs, in addition to ensuring every other thing goes well, this attitude to work started from my first job and is on currently, the experience has affected TrendyBEEvents positively and we are growing and Improving daily.

4. If you could plan / organise the event for any couple in the world, who would it be and why?

Gabriel Union and Dwane Wade. They already had their beautiful wedding ceremony

Just the way I would imagine for them, but maybe I’ll get lucky one day and plan their renewal of vows “giggles”

I love  LOVE, I Love their chemistry, it draws me to them, they look excited and full of adventure , They are so fresh , they seem like they are full of life, excited clients bring out the extra energy in me to slay!





5. What do you feel are the most important elements for couples to consider when choosing a planner?


For a wedding event It’s one of the most important day of your life so hire some one you connect with and totally trust their work ethics. And for other events you also need to feel like the person is knowledgeable and even more excited about the project .

6. What are your favorite trends this year?

Creating outstanding moments and photo areas at events

7. What advice do you have for event planners just starting their business?

Work very smart, show dedication and passion always, then watch your business grow.

8. What has been your greatest motivation while working in the wedding

The joy, happiness and gratitude on my clients and teams face motivates me, also after all the work load the feedbacks, motivates me to IMPROVE, BE BETTER & STRONGER on the next Job .

9. Have you received any awards or recognitions to date? If so what were they?

2015 I was nominated at the Exquisite Lady of the Year  Award as the entrepreneur of the year.





10 . What project has given you the most personal satisfaction?

I was the organizer of The 2013 Christmas Expo in Lagos where we had over 60 Top vendors exhibit giving out and selling merchandise during Christmas at a discount to thousands in attendance with star
performances by MayD and Kayswitch. It was a major life changer, eye opener and made me believe in myself.

11. What would you consider your businesses greatest strength and

I am very passionate about the  TrendyBEEvents Brand and doing everything myself as the leader but now the business has grown and I am learning to delegate to my super team and not be too controlling.

12. What has been your greatest collaboration?

Who have you not had the opportunity to collaborate with yet but would
love to?

TrendyBEEvents worked with an amazing team and the Bayelsa governor at the Nigerian broadcasters Award  (NIBRA Awards) in Bayelsa.

I would love to plan a world class event outside the country

13. Have you had any last minute fail /disappointment with vendors? And how did you cope or overcome it?

Yes o! But no disappointment should ever affect the flow of the event, that is why we are hired and must make the event a huge success regardless of a vendor failing, 99% percent of our chosen vendors work
excellently well because their Brand and reputation comes first, but if they do disappoint they make it up to us and the client through an agreement.

14. Do you have any events or projects coming up?

Yes but I would not let the cat out of the bag yet. Seriously praying about it too.
15.What’s your vision for your brand?

To be one of top events go to company World Wide.


Bisola Borha TrendyBEEvents 2
16. What tool is your favourite (for your job)and you cant do without?

My Walkietalkie and Floor plan, knowing things can be perfected at the press of a button and knowing and positioning what spot works best for the client, every vendor and guests .

17. What are the most challenging episodes you have gone through?

Again not delegating and thinking no one can get it done better than me, then finding Myself seriously overwhelmed with work. This has since changed as I now have a star team.

18. How has social media helped with the promotions and publicity of your business ?

Social Media helped people notice our genuine hard work, dedication and passion to every project. It helped my team and I grow in every aspect of the job thanks to everyone supporting .




Bisola Borha TrendyBEEvents 3




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If you enjoyed learning about Bisola Borha of TrendyBee Events and would like to learn more about other local vendors we will be showcasing new vendors every month as part of our new Interview Series.

Sit tight, be inspired!



TrendyBee Events

Email: [email protected]


Vendors involved in this shoot:

Decor props by Aquarian Touch Events
Flowers By Aralia by Nature
Stationery by Inkheart Studio
Table set up by Sisipepper Konsult


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  • Tola
    June 28, 2016

    Stunning! Hardworking bunch

  • Adey B
    June 28, 2016

    One of the best trend setting planners !!!

  • Adey B
    June 28, 2016

    Proud of You Bisola

  • Coco
    June 28, 2016

    Yaaay Weldone

  • Fowler Tinu
    June 28, 2016

    strong Woman and Mentor