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Nigerian Wedding Vendor Spotlight: MEET Oluwadayosi Abayomi Of Ebelle Beauty

Nigerian Wedding is proud to announce our first Nigerian Wedding Vendor Interview Series. Every month we will be showcasing top local Nigerian wedding vendors, in different states around the country who have greatly impacted the wedding industry with their amazing work. To kick off our third interview for this month of March, we connected with Lagos state based makeup artist, Oluwadayosi Abayomi of Ebelle Beauty!

The third of four kids of ARC & Mrs Femi Abayomi. A Christian, graduate of Industrial Mathematics from the Federal University of Technology, Akure, and a Professional Makeup Artist.

Read all below, be inspired!

Photos by Diko Photography.


Nigerian Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Ebelle Beauty


Question 1.

How did you get involved with makeup and becoming a professional MUA?

Back then in the University, I always liked seeing people look beautiful. It was usually a turn-off for me whenever I saw unkempt faces. So Instead of condemning the victims, I decided to become the solution to the problem I was observing. I started by experimenting with my friends’ and roommates’ faces, trying out one trick or the other that I had read in some magazine or seen on TV just to make sure they were looking good always. Upon graduation, while I waited for NYSC, I decided to get professionally trained. I looked for a reputable training centre, got trained, and the rest is history.
Nigerian Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Ebelle Beauty
Question 2.

What do you feel are the most important elements for brides to consider when choosing a Mua ?

The Bride’s wedding day is not just any other day. The Make-up should also not be the “regular” Kind of Make-up. Unfortunately, most brides do not know that and go ahead to employ the services of just anyone. So, I would say that the TWO major elements a bride should consider are PROFESSIONALISM and EXPERIENCE.

A bride should get a schooled MUA and ofcourse, someone who has done many wedding jobs and understands the challenges and can also manage them effectively, because, a lot of issues come up during the Make-up session for a bride

– The anxiety, the Tension, the Pressure etc. ONLY an experienced MUA can handle some of these issues professionally.
Question 3.

What are your favourite trends this year ?

The monotone trend has totally got my heart. The heavily beaded, sparkly Aso-oke is a great innovation. Also, a bride can never go wrong with the glow she gets from a properly applied bronzer.

Nigerian Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Ebelle Beauty
Question 4.

What do you find the most difficult part about your job?

Hmmm… I used to have clients who wanted JUST ME to work on their faces despite the fact that I had well-trained employees. I totally understand why It was so. I probably would do same If I was in their shoes. It was really hard convincing them that my employees were equally good. Those days, I was working like an Octopus. I was hardly resting. Sometimes, I wish I could at 10 different places at the same time. It is gradually changing these days.

My clients are getting more comfortable with my employees. I still have some who still insist, though, but It’s a lot easier for me now.
Question 5.

What are the most challenging episodes you have gone through ?
A lot of people do not understand that a Makeup Artist, no matter how Professional and experienced he/she is, needs to work in a serene environment. Bride’s friends, sisters, aunts etc take offence when asked to leave the room when the makeup is about to start. Cases where these Friends, sisters, Aunts have decided to get stubborn and remain have occurred.

But, as an experienced MUA, I always have a way of managing these situations.
Question 6. 

What advice do you have for MUA just starting their business ?

For new MUAs, my simple advice would be- Strive to get better every time. Don’t stop learning. Read wide and keep working hard. Also, For a start, learn not to charge too high. If you can, do FREE jobs so that people can see what you can do and then refer other people to you, As you grow big, stay humble and be willing to train more people.
Nigerian Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Ebelle Beauty
Question 7.

Do you have any events or projects coming up ?

We have numerous events and projects cooking. We will unveil them when the time is right. Our major project at the moment, however, is the expansion and rebranding of the business. So, watch out for the “NEW e-belle”. *winks*

Question 8.

Whats your vision for your brand ?

Our Vision is to become a household name in the beauty business and build a ONE-STOP beauty brand in Africa.

Question 9. 

How do you work with social media / what impact has social media played in your brand ?

Our brand is on major social media platforms and we are VERY active on these platforms. We have come to realize that the Social media has become the spot for most people and it would be so dumb for us not to explore it. The effect(s) of Social media on a business like ours cannot be over-emphasized.

It’s really interesting how a single post on Instagram, can generate tons of calls from all over from people wanting to pay for your services. A lot of young businesses have grown overnight because of Social Media. Jobless but serious minded Graduates now own thriving businesses. As a brand, we have gained loads of awareness via social media and this has helped increase our client base.

Question 10.

What would you like everyone to take away from this ?

My last words will be directed specially to graduates. Stop roaming the streets waiting for the government or some company to employ you. Think of something you love to do, get trained professionally, and watch yourself go from that graduate who can’t even buy airtime on his/her phone to a C.E.O who employs other graduates.

Check out some of Ebelle Beauty’s amazing makeovers HERE. 

Oluwadayosi Abayomi


e-belle Makeup Studio

+2347036555990 +2347082789779


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  • Nnenna Ukandu
    March 15, 2016

    Go Ebelle!! Go Ebelle!! Go ebelle!!! Have always known you will surely explode some day. Great teacher btw, what amazes me about you is how you are able to be sooo playful and in a twinkle of an eye you switch over to that very professional MUA. Congrats on your feature!!! Its definitely your year of spreading!!

  • Rita
    March 15, 2016

    She’s just too talented and very humble too,she would definitely go far!Blessings on blessings!!