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Nigerian Wedding: Top 12 Hottest Aso-Ebi Color Combinations, Fabrics & Styles in 2014

What’s a Nigerian Party without the Aso-ebi belles huh? Aso-ebi and Naija party go hand in hand! Today, we will be sharing some of the most amazing aso-ebi styles and the most popular aso-ebi colors ever used at Nigerian parties, most especially at weddings in 2014!!! I understand, it’s only half way through the year, and there may be more fab colors and styles to share, but do not dispair as we will be sharing more amazing styles and hottest colors of this season with you all!

At a typical Nigerian Traditional wedding, no matter the tribe or part of the country it is taking place, there’s a fashion tradition that just has to be done, which is when friends of the bride & friends of the groom come together to wear some sort of uniform fabric, this uniform fabric can be be of same color but sewn in different styles according to the taste and style of the individual rocking it, or may be of the same design but different colors!

We honestly do not know the origin of the word Aso-ebi, but some claim it started from the Yoruba, who are known for their exhorbitant partying lifestyle! The Aso-ebi is an outfit made from matching fabric to be worn by a group of people, mostly close family and friends to a party, birthdays, weddings, burials, etc.

For the past five years french lace and Ankara has been the favorite of many, but a shocking twist when velvet came back into the scene in 2012, special thanks to the Lolade Cardoso wedding and us featuring and hype-ing it too *winks* in 2012. See photo below!

Velvet and lace aso-ebi Lolade Cardoso

In the past two years, the Aso-ebi culture & fashion has grown & improved tremendously, as more young people embraced & glamourised it to fit for purpose! As of 2012, the most popular aso-ebi trend was the velvet embroidered fabric + sequins, which was inarguably the most loved aso-ebi attire for every young and ofcourse style forward woman, uptil 2013, and even now some still rock it. Some men even rocked the Velvet wrapper at 2Face and Annie’s wedding in 2013.

Then came a different and more stylish way to tie the wrapper, the twisted Knot courtsey of Tiffany Amber Lily wrap dress.

Fast forward to early 2014, the silk knot wrapper was in at traditional weddings, and eventually guests moved on to using George fabrics to make fun & flirty skirts & dresses. So between 2012 & 2014, it’s obvious that the Nigerian Aso-ebi culture has gone through many changes as young fashion forward ladies become innovative with styles & color choice, and lest I gorget, the in thing now with wedding guests, is to get fabulous makeup done by professionals to complete their wedding guest look, with prices ranging from N5-10K!

We hope we can inspire your choice of aso-ebi colors for your next event with this colorful styles, in gorgeous fabrics & unique color combination ideas… inspired!

The Yellows:

The yellow aso-ebi color is outstanding, bright & cheerful! My favorite was it been paired with fuchsia pink gele, that combo blew me away! Yellow will always stand out in pictures, it looks amazing!





Nigerian wedding yellow & purple aso-ebi colors

Nigerian wedding yelloww & blue aso-ebi colors

Nigerian wedding yellow & blue asoebi colors

Nigerian wedding yellow and magenta gele asoebi colors

The Blues

Cobalt blue, this is by far, one of the most popular & beautiful aso-ebi color combo, as seen from Jude & Ify’s traditional wedding! The guests looked amazing, some went all monochrome while others added a bit of color- yellow, which made the whole look pop!



Nigerian wedding blue lace yellow gele aso-ebi ATUNBI Photography

Nigerian wedding blue aso-ebi rhphpotoarts

Nigerian wedding yellow accessories & blue aso-ebi colors

blue aso ebi

The Reds…

There’s not much Reds, but red is pretty too, when combined with white ofcourse, if combine with a more subtle shade of yellow, it will look amazing!!!

Nigerian wedding white & red aso-ebi colors

Nigerian wedding red velvet soebi colors

Nigerian wedding red and champagne asoebi colors

The Purples…

Oh yes, Purple royal. No matter the shade, this will always stand out, several combination ideas, especially with gele, such as green, blue, red and so on….

Nigerian wedding purple asoebi colors

Nigerian wedding purple ad gold asoebi colors

Nigerian wedding purple & white asoebi colors

The Corals…

Coral was a popular color in 2012-13 and is still going strong! It’s very pretty and looks great with silver, gray or cream colors!

Nigerian wedding coral asoebi colors

Nigerian wedding coral peachy asoebi colors

Nigerian wedding orange coral asoebi colors

Nigerian wedding coral & white asoebi colors

The Blacks…

Gone are the days when wearing black to weddings is a taboo, we are totally loving this trend picking up now! Black looks amazing on fairer skin, and can be worn as monchrome or with white & red gele.

Nigerian wedding black aso-ebi colors

Nigerian wedding black & silver aso-ebi colors

Nigerian wedding black blue asoebi colors

The Whites…

White is one of the most classic & timeless aso-ebi, you can never go wrong with this combo as it matches everything! You decide the color for the gele and you are good to go….

Nigerian wedding white  aso-ebi colors

Nigerian wedding white & blue aso-ebi colors 1

Nigerian wedding white & blue asoebi colors

The Pink…

Fuchsia pink, was one of the hottest & brightest colors used this year, and we totally love it, especially the fabulous styles, took our breath away!

Nigerian wedding pink Aso-ebi colors1

Nigerian wedding shades of pink aso-ebi colors

Nigerian wedding pink & gold asoebi colors

Nigerian wedding shades of pink asoebi colors

Nigerian wedding hot pink asoebi colors

Nigerian wedding fuchsia pink asoebi colors affinity q

Nigerian wedding fuchsia pink asoebi colors

The Peach

Peach is trendy, perfect and looks good on every skin tone, one of the most popular choice in 2014 we must say!

Nigerian wedding peach monochrome asoebi colors

Nigerian wedding peachyasoebi colors

Nigerian wedding peach pink asoebi colors

The Green

Yaay! The green, never really thought of green, until I saw this fabulous Green paired with red gele as seen on Muni, like seriously? That’s one hot color combo right now. Another we love is blue & green, an amazing combo, check it out below!!!

Nigerian wedding green aso-ebi

Nigerian wedding green & red aso-ebi colors

Nigerian wedding green & purple asoebi colors

Nigerian wedding green and gold asoebi colors

Nigerian wedding green & red aso-ebi colors 1

Nigerian wedding blue & green aso-ebi colors

The Cream

Want something a bit neutral? Then this paired with a more vibrant gele will do the trick!

Nigerian wedding cream asoebi with green gele colors

Nigerian wedding cream asoebi colors 1

The Orange

Nigerian wedding tangerine orange and gold aso-ebi colors

Nigerian wedding burnt orange & yellow asoebi colors

Nigerian wedding orange & lime green asoebi colors

Nigerian wedding orange & cool blue asoebi colors

The Beige & Taupes

This is another neutral color that would pop with a more vibrant gele just like the photos below…

Nigerian wedding taupe & blue aso-ebi colors

Nigerian wedding beige & taupe aso-ebi colors


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    August 27, 2014

    Nice pics, best site so far for weddings

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  • jaldeep
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    October 8, 2014

    The question of not knowing where “Asho Ebi” originates from does not arise when the name clearly smell & stinks Yoruba!

  • kolomisiy
    October 8, 2014

    I’m really impressed ,gonna copy some style for my new blog keep the good work going sky is your beginning

  • juice
    May 12, 2015

    Pls can u help me with my colour combination my fiance love yellow and I love peach,what colours can I combine with it pls.