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Nigerian Wedding: “To Love & To Be Loved”- Save The Date, Debbie & Chibuzor Are getting Married! READ Their Story, How They Met & Proposal

We are so excited to share with you guys Chibuzor and Debbie’s love story! The lovely bride-to-be, Debbie, shared with us a brief story on how they met, how he proposed and the wedding planning process….enjoy!


HOW WE MET( according to debbie the bride)
The first time I met cbn, (thats what i call him) when I was 15 years old in ss3. I remember my big sis calling me up to come out in front of our gate , along with my english and government textbooks, that her friend needed it to study for the up coming post ume into the University of Benin .
Immediately I went out and gave her the text books, I remember seeing him in the front seat of her car. The following year , I gained admission into Uniben also. Funny enough we never spoke , I literally walked passed him on several occasions and never said a word.. he did same too , and we kept this up for almost 3 years till he graduated and went for 2010 while I was in my final year, I logged on facebook as usual and saw his status , basically I just commented on it, the next day I got a reply from him saying “you’re yvon’s sister right?” In my mind im like yh ryt!! Like you dont know me again (hehehe) that was in my mind ooo. I replied sharply and we exchanged phone numbers and the rest they say is history!!!!


It was in oct 2013 just after my POP from nysc. Cbn came to ondo where I served and after the ceremony, we both travelled to my home town because he wanted to see my grandparents . Well I knew something was going to happen soon (lols) I could smell my ring and in my head I’m like..who goes to see a girls grandparents while they are dating? Anyways the next day we came back to my parents house , we where both tired from the trip and he decided to take a nap.. while he was asleep I searched his whole luggage looking for my ring o hehehe .sadly I dint see it I was so disappointed because I already made my nails, did my hair in anticipation. After my failed mission I left the room and went downstairs. Cbn woke up and called me to come to d room, I managed to go with a very long face, when I got to the room he said stop standing at the door , come sit on my lap,and I was like hmmm when did this one start, he gave me the why can’t you ever be normal look! So I went and sat on his lap then he said you’re naughty, but thats why I love you , you will make a perfect wife and mother to our unborn kids, at this point I cudnt even concentrate anymore because I saw the box in his hands… immediately I started screaming omg omg yesssss, I grabbed the box then paused and said baby you dint go on one kneel ..then he said you this woman ehhh hehehe then I gave him back the box and he went down and said “WILL YOU MARRY ME” I said yes and took the ring and wore it myself in all excitement. ? Next thing I remembered , was that everyone went out so I said baby no one is at home to take us pictures so I am going to look for the gate man!!! Then we both started laughing.




We started quite early , from dec 2013 as soon as we got engaged we set a date and that was it, as a fashion designer I already knew what colours I wanted and immediately started sketching , from my reception dress to my bridal train to my sisters dresses, and yes I am sewing every single one of them.. I plan weddings for fun especially for family and friends so I dint see a need to hire a wedding planner.. because I am super woman!!! Just kidding my mom and sisters helped out too.


Chibuzor & Debbie are getting married in November, Nigerian Wedding wishes them a happy married life in advance, GOD bless you two!


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  • sohni
    October 26, 2014

    Yaaaay!!my very own debyonce!!so happy for you darling!!can’t wait to turn it up for you guys in a few weeks!!all roads lead to benin city!!wooohooo!!!

  • rurupapaya
    October 26, 2014

    Awwww debbimmmm congrats darl, can’t wait 2 come dance iyoooooo… counting down!!!

  • efemena
    October 26, 2014

    Sweet story!!!

  • faith obosi
    October 27, 2014

    Congrats debie nd chi,

  • merit okolie
    October 28, 2014

    Good luck to u debie n chibuzor may u live happily ever after

  • isic
    November 1, 2014

    Congratulations Debbie and cbn!..wishing u a very happy married life and all God has in store 4 u!….cbn Debbie is God’s gift to you she is priceless

  • sarah
    November 1, 2014

    Congratulations Debbie n CBN, ur story was very hilarious. All d best dear

  • tessy
    November 2, 2014

    Congret debby nd CBN, I rilly luv ur luv story. I was laffing wen I was reading it nd my firends thinks am mad till wen I show them wat u said by u grabing d ring box nd giving it bck to him to keel down nd tell u dat, nd u looking for a gate man to take u two pic hahahahhahahhaha but is funny. I wish u two every gud tin nd life nd a lot of babies,understanding,wisdom nd long life.

  • Osarhiemen
    November 2, 2014

    Beautiful story…God bless ur home

  • Harbusiedumare
    November 7, 2014

    Whaoooo dis is lovely. i was smiling all thru while reading ur story, i can imagine the expression on ur face. wish u both good things ur heart desires n a longlife together with beautiful kids. HML in advance.