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Nigerian Wedding: Timi’s Flawless Bridal Makeovers by Makeover By Teju

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Timi is a beautiful Ijaw bride, who got married to a Yoruba man Tokunbo and Makeover by Teju was there to glam her up for her big day!

Usually when a bride wears multiple traditional attire for her wedding day, she’s either representing a culture in her family or her inlaws, and that’s exactly what Timi did.

First dressed as an Ijaw bride

She wore chunky coral bead jewelry and the kiliasu hat, synonymous to Ijaw brides.


And then changed into this beautiful Niger Delta bridal attire featuring the Igbo blouse and George wrapper!


Finally as a Yoruba bride….

Timi’s husband is Yoruba, and after they’ve been married traditionally, some brides change into the groom’s traditional attire, which is a sign that shows that she’s now a part of her husband’s family.


White wedding





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