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Nigerian Wedding Presents Top Bridesmaids Dress Color Trends For 2016

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Ladies, have you chosen your bridesmaids dresses for your upcoming 2016 wedding? If you haven’t, just follow us to check what colors are on trend for bridesmaids this year!



As one of the most famous and popular color in pink family, blush will be never out of date. What’s your opinion?

Nigerian wedding pastel pink bridesmaids dresses for 2016


Which color would overshadow sweet peach, the greatest color from orange family? Pastel peach.


Nigerian wedding dusty pink bridesmaids dresses for 2016


Black is one of the most trending wedding ideas this year, then why not to choose black bridesmaid dresses to complement your wedding theme?

Nigerian wedding black bridesmaids dresses for 2016



Want a cool summer wedding? Just choose mint colors for your bridesmaids. It’s especially perfect for beach wedding!

Nigerian wedding mint green bridesmaids dresses for 2016



Want a cool summer wedding? Just choose this vibrant turquoise color, paired with coral or red for your bridesmaids. It’s especially perfect for a sandy beach wedding!

Nigerian wedding turquoise bridesmaids dresses for 2016


It seems that pastel/ bold colors will be prospering this year and coral is the best example. Romantic, sweet and charming, this color will make your wedding more dramatic.


Nigerian wedding coral bridesmaids dresses for 2016



This color will be perfect for your wedding in every season!

Nigerian wedding white bridesmaids dresses for 2016


Want a cool/ bold summer wedding? Just choose and shade of blue colors for your bridesmaids. Our favourite at the moment is cobalt or electric blue.

Nigerian wedding cobalt eletric blue bridesmaids dresses for 2016


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