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Nigerian Wedding Presents Gift & Kelechi Traditional & Church Wedding

Well, hello lovers! So, let me ask you an old but important question: Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes, no, maybe? Well, for this beautiful Igbo couple, Gift and Kelechi the answer is, YES. Kelechi didn’t even need to meet her physical, he met her photo on a mutual friend’s display picture and now they’re getting married!

Feast your eyes on the beautiful bride getting ready for her big day with her favourite girls. Her flawless makeup is by Kristabel Makeovers. I just adore the subtle gold shimmery eye shadow that the amazing Christabel applies on the bride’s deep, brown eyes. And her ruby lips adds just the perfect pop of color! And ladies, check out her beautiful off-white, wedding dress by Brides N More Ikeja! The groom looked dapper in his white and black tuxedo suit.

Check out photos and read their story below!

How they met:

Kelechi saw my pictures through one of his friends Onyeka, he opened up to him that he likes me.
Onyeka gave him my contact, we all became friends, we chat and talk on regular bases. Later, he asked me to be this girlfriend just like that but I refused, He kept pushing and pushing and pushing until he melted every resistance in me.

When he traveled, he promised to be home in 6 months tiime but very much unlike him, upto 8 months and i didn’t see him. I became worried and kept asking him what the problem was. All I get was work work work.

One morning he called me that he will be coming home in a months time for his friends wedding. Few days to the time he called that he won’t make it but he sent some things to me through one of his friends.

I didn’t even ask him why he’s not coming again and I refused to go see his friend for whatever he sent.

How he proposed:

One early morning, he’s friend called that he’s at my gate and he has something for me from kelechi.

I opened the gate he gave me an envelop, inside the envelop is a ring and he’s write up saying “I don’t want to be home until am sure you’ve accepted to be my wife” Please will you marry me?

It was a moment I least expected, I grabbed my phone and send him a message saying YES.

The next week he came home….










Church wedding









Congratulations to Gift and Kelechi, wishing you all the happiness you deserve and more!


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  • Stanley
    January 27, 2015

    I love the sight of this