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Nigerian Wedding Presents Adetoun & Leye’s Yoruba Traditional Wedding 

Hello lovers, hope y’all having a good weekend today? Today, we are excited to share Adetoun & Leye’s beautiful love story and traditional wedding photos, courtesy of Ben Komolafe Photography…..enjoy! 


How the couple met.

“The first time I saw him, we were on a roadtrip from Ibadan to Lagos sometime in August 2010. I remember him staring at me but didn’t say anything until we were half way into the trip, We spent the rest of the journey discussing everything. And then,When we got to our destination, He helped me with my boxes like a gentleman to get a cab home.. and I said to myself “how nice!” He asked for my phone number which I obliged and we went our separate ways. We started talking everyday from that day,and we didn’t get to see until about 3months after.He visited me in school in December 2010 and  made his intentions known. We started dating and everything went smoothly, we had fun, there were  ups and downs,bhappiness, quarrels,fights, and laughter.                            

One year later, I started to feel like he wasn’t showing me enough love, and then we took a break in December 2011,    

     We spoke once in a while after the break, always checking on our progress individually, love life and other areas of life. After about a year and half apart, we realised we were still in love with each other, and we were meant to be.

One saturday morning after he listened to my best worship song, he called and requested that we hook up………That was the beginning of our ENDLESS LOVE.

From that day,our relationship blossomed, had the expected ups and downs (as any relationship should), we may grow apart for awhile, fight, be immature and selfish, but we always find ourselves back together, embracing, and moving as one.  I have come to understand the meaning of love as it was meant to be. We find the most happiness in life in the small, insignificant things.  




The Proposal..

Hmmmmm…. Even tho we knew we were going to spend the rest of our lives together, I always told him, I will not be  married the conventional way, 

He finally proposed on the 30th January 2015, “a day to our introduction ceremony”, I was waiting for him in his office, Unknown  to me ,he was in my office as early as  6:45am just to get in before me, i left his office feeling disappointed that I didn’t see him that morning, Lo and behold as I entered my office, I  saw my fiance (now husband) on his knees with a beautiful ring stretched out,he asked me to marry him officially,Ofcourse, i said yes to the love of my life,and here we are today,joined together in Holy matrimony.

God bless the day I met you Ife mi,..We shall remain happy together forever IJN..Amen.




Vendors on Instagram 

Photography by @benkomolafephotography  Makeup by @liwamakeuppro.  

Aso-joke by @bimmms24  

Bride’s dress by @lavivabridals  

Groom suit by @instadmoore  

Aso-ebi by @ms_asoebi


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