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Nigerian Wedding: “Our Meeting Was Divine Intervention”- Bolanle & Opeyemi’s Love Story Clearly Proved GOD was At Work….

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Hey lovers, let’s take a trip to Abuja city, for this lovely Pre-wedding shoot by The Cannon Photography! I just adore this beautiful couple, Bolanle & Opeyemi’s market place/ drummer boy inspired e-session, as they get ready for their big day in a couple of weeks!

They looked so happy and content with each other, love their his & hers matching outfits too! Their story is a case of divine intervention, waiting a few more minutes, and both their life changed forever for the best! Check out photos below and read their beautiful love story and marriage proposal…..


How they met

Ope’s story….

Where and how do I begin…

Having concluded a busy week on a Friday at the work place with the normal hustle and bustle of dealing with the usual challenges, it was a welcome pleasure for me to be invited to a house party for a family friend’s daughter.

I tried buzzing the number of my aunt who invited me to the party as I already had the address to the house sent to my phone earlier in the day all to no avail but for some reason I still decided to go ahead to the party ( I agree that fate played a role here).

At last I got there and saw my aunt and I stepped up to greet her and exchange pleasantries. I took a seat close to my aunt and I thought I should say a quick hello to the celebrant, sit for few more minutes and leave the party to spend the rest of the evening with a few of my pals seeing as it was a Friday evening.. Again, for some reason, that decision to wait for few more minutes is now one which I regard as one of the most important I made as it enabled me eventually meet Her..

And there she comes.. well initially I didn’t get to see her enter but nevertheless she walks into the compound with her siblings and I could tell something was different.. She walked over to the table where I was sitting and greets my aunt and a friend of hers also on that table, at the same time avoiding eye contact with me. I remember vividly because I also could not take my eyes off her and had to pinch myself at some point not to be caught staring!! Eventually she says a casual “Hello” to which I responded “Hi, My name is Ope, It’s my pleasure meeting you” and at this point I had to be guarded so I didnt’t come across as being too forward. We exchange further pleasantries and she tells me her name for the first time “Bolanle Solomon” and when she was about leaving for home, she walked over to our table again to greet my aunt and my aunt’s friend, at that point I stood up to greet her again, to which I handed over to her my official complimentary card and we exchanged numbers.

The rest I can say is history although I remember my aunt’s friend on that table with me hinting at me to seal the deal with Bolanle as she was one of a kind and I did not want to miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime. Again, this I believe was a divine information for me as it spurred me on to ensuring that I didn’t give up at any time..

Thank God for that day and thank God for everything else that has followed up until now..

Having your love has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I will love you forever Bolanle mi


THE PROPOSAL (Bolanle’s Story)

The day did not start magical at all. I had a very busy and stressful day. Just when I already thought it wasn’t going to get better, Ope called me. Haa, fresh air. I answered the call in a rush. Ope likes the surprise date thing, he can just call me on his way from work and tell me that I should get ready and look good that he will be taking me somewhere and usually it’s always a date. So when he called me, he was like “get ready there’s someplace you need to see”. In my mind, I was like well I know it’s a date but I thought it was just like our usual dates. So we went out to have dinner, suddenly I noticed Ope was sweating on his forehead. Ahh sweetheart, this place is cold, why are you sweating? He changed his seat and sat right beside me. He started telling me how much he loves me and all. I get that from him always, so I just thought okay, that still doesn’t explain why you are sweating and looking nervous..Lol. What did you do? He said he was going to the restroom, well I have time to eat my food now. lol. All of a sudden, I heard people clapping, I looked away from my food and It was Ope about to start singing. Come back here, you can’t sing (that was what came to my mind). He started “singing” our favourite song, then he went on one knee while the DJ continued playing the same song. At the sight of this gorgeous ring, I had to close my eyes for few seconds to know if I was dreaming or not. It is exactly the type I have always wanted (my sisters leaked it out to him). I was so shocked and I said YES. It was a magical day after all. And I am glad I get to spend the rest of this my fairytale life with him.

















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