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Nigerian Wedding: One Bride, One Bridal Makeover, Four Different Bridal Attire…..Be Inspired!

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It’s nothing new to see a bride change into more than one outfit for her traditional wedding, but 4 different bridal looks, wow…how did they get it all in within the usual time constraints and take lovely photos too we ask?

Well, that’s the job of a Pro MUA and that’s none of our business *sips tea*…..hehehe! We totally love how the makeover done by the talented CEO of Oshewa Beauty complimented all 4 traditional wedding attires! The bride looked flawless rocking corals from head to toe in her beautiful Edo traditonal wedding attire, to looking beautiful in her iger Delta attire, not to forget one of our favorite bridal look, her reception dress love the color and she wore it well and lastly the Yoruba Aso-oke combination is gorgeous!!!

Check out photos below and let us know which tribe she represented well with the different bridal looks?

Edo bridal attire


The Edo bridal look involves tieing wrapper, usually George or mostly Velvet as seen below. Brides are usually adorned with coral jewelries, the Okuku crown, all made out of Coral Beads, synonymous with the culture and tradition of the Benin kingdom, where every bride is made to feel like royalty on their wedding day



Niger Delta bridal attire


This is by far, one of our favorite bridal looks from the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. The bridal attire is a bit similar to the Igbo’s where the bride wears george wrapper, Igbo blouse, ties the double colored gele, and accessories with chunky coral jewelry, known to be of superior quality. However, we love how simple this look is and the bride ditching the double gele….which a lot of people term as “tacky” if not done properly!


Yoruba wedding attire

The Yoruba bridal attire is one of the most popular and most worn bridal look in Nigeria!!! We also think it’s one of the most beautiful, because there’s room to play with colors using the famous Aso-oke. This bride, opted for a unique color combination, which is also one of the most popular aso-oke..monotone! Aso-oke color trends in Nigeria, ….monotone. She looked great, and of course the makeup complimented the outfit nicely too!



A few months ago I did a similar posts on bride who wore 5 different lovely outfits for her traditional and church wedding. See post HERE.

Which look is your favorite? From left to right, 1-4?


Be inspired!

Photos by Oshewa Beauty! You can contact her on08066979715 or Email: [email protected]

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  • jennie
    December 31, 2014

    very nice. pls admin can I see the groom and his combos with the gold? thanks