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Nigerian Wedding: Moments of Passion, Laughter and Football! Dira & Fidelis Are Getting Married! READ their Beautiful Love Story & Marriage Proposal

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Hey NW lovers! Another day, another beautiful love story and marriage proposal to inspire you!

Today, talented photographer Mofe Bamuyiwa Photography brings us this colourful pre-wedding shoot featuring Dira & Fidelis!

Dira and Fidelis met for the first time as neighbours when they moved into a new flat back in 2010. They became family friends, while Fidelis became an elder brother they never had! After failed attempts by Dira, her siblings and mother to play match maker for Fidelis, since he was an eligible bachelor. Fidelis took matters into his own hands and turned the table around, he asked Dira out, which she turned down at first but he didn’t give up, and tried again years later…..and yes she agreed and everything they say is history!

I am with this couple every step of the way! Dira looked gorgeous in all her photos thanks to her makeup artist Dazzle by Stacey for the makeover.

The couple had a Moments of Passion, Laughter and Football themed pre-wedding shoot, I love the story behind every single photo! I hope you enjoy reading their story like I did….be inspired.



Our love story could be likened to the Nigerian local parlance that says what you’re looking for Sokoto is in your “sho-ko-to”. ( what you seek for afar off, is right under your nose).

My family and I moved into a new flat in 2010 and we had this neighbor of ours who was single (I’m sure you already know where I’m headed…looool). Sorry to burst your bubbles, I was in a relationship and wasn’t even looking/thinking towards his direction….so he claimed too (lool).

Thanks to my younger sis and brother, they became paddies and the outcome was he became close to my family. So he became a neigbhour, then a family friend and then an elder brother we never had. As younger sisters, we made it mandatory to scout for a wife material for him since he was and eligible bachelor who should already be married. He told us his specifications (i.e. his type of woman) and the search begun.

Even my parents took it upon themselves to look for someone for him.
I think in all we introduced 3 girls to him, some died a natural death from the beginning, while some ended due to attitude/difference etc. anyways 3 years after it dawned on him that he had 3 beautiful single-ladies upstairs and began looking our direction. Eventually, he found me worthy and told me his intentions in August 2013, as usual that’s when my shakara began (hehehehehe). Like I said earlier, I was in a relationship so my answer was NO which he accepted in good fate.

Things worked together for his good when my relationship turned soured in early Dec of the same year. To cut the long story short, he asked out again and after seeking counsel and praying about it, I accepted wholeheartedly in July because I was certain it was God’s plan and we were meant for each other.





There was nothing particularly dramatic about my proposal. What was surprising about it was the place (he proposed in the car while stuck in traffic)

It happened on our way back from the August Convention, while gisting away in traffic (we were in traffic for 5 hours…no exagerrations) he proposed (without a ring). I was stunned when he popped the question out of the blues at first but hey, i said Yes and like they say, the rest is history.
He eventually did the dramatic official proposal (the kind most girls want & of course with a ring) on the 25th of Oct. With the help of my sisters and friends, he got the ring, got down on one knee and asked the popular question ” Please be my wife” and of course i jumped up laughing and shouting with Joy and accepted the ring.





We see each other almost every day (I mean what do you expect, we are neigbhours) and yet every moment spent is like love rekindled, falling more in love with each other as each brand new day unfolds. Our love is like black and white piano keys, as harmonious music is incomplete without the other, so also is our love incomplete without each other because we complement each other.

Life is funny, you meet someone and all of a sudden, you can’t do without them. God knows best & I thank God for love because trust me love isn’t just beautiful, it is indescribable when you fall in love with not just anyone but the right one

We are due to get married on the 30th of Dec 2014 (trad) & 31st of Jan 2015 (white) when her name will be eventually change to MRS. OKWUAGWU (to me, that’s the sexiest thing ever)… I can’t wait…*dancing shoki*. SAVE THE DATE.

















Nigerian Wedding, wishes Dira & Fidelis blessings all the way!

MAKE UP: @dazzlebystacey
Photography: @mofebamuyiwa (BMB photography)


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