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Nigerian Wedding: “It’s A Blessing That I Am Marrying My Best Friend” READ Jennifer & Kelvin’s LOVE Story

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We have a beautiful E-session to share with you all today, courtesy of J-Gates Visuals! The lovely bride to be, Jennifer & her boo Kelvin are family friends and met for the first time when she was 10. Destiny brought them together again, and we couldn’t be happier for them. Jennifer shared their beautiful story with us, read below….


How we met:

From the Bride:
The first time we met, i was 10 years old. We were family friends, but i didn’t notice him till 6 years later, when he and his mum attended my mother’s surprise birthday.

He made the bold step to speak to me for the first time and we became friends. I remember he would record movies and drop the cassette for me to watch. haha! Silly things like that.

Fast forward 2 years, it was time go to the university. We lost contact and in my 2nd year in the university, someone called my phone, It happened to be Kelvin and he called me everyday for about a year

One day, I had to ask him, why do you call me all the time? and he said i was like his best friend and he knew he could confide in me. I wasn’t ready for a relationship so he was in the friend-zone for a while. LoL

But he was very persistent for years and i realised that this guy genuinely loved and cared for me, so when he formally asked me to court him, i happily agreed.

The proposal :
I had to Travel for about 2 years, Kelvin organised a hangout with some of our close friends and my sisters. We were all dressed so casually, i was about to eat, he took my hand and told me how much he loves me.

He’s an expressive person and so it seemed normal, but when he began to go down to the floor on one knee,

He said kelechi( my igbo name) will you marry me, i Love you so much. I said yes of course, waiting for the

He put a ring on my finger . Afterwards he said the real engagement ring didnt arrive in time.

A few weeks later, he gave me the most beautiful ring ever.

We are truly grateful to God, its a blessing to marry your Bestfriend.




Wishing these two many blessings all the way!


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  • Bukola
    November 25, 2014

    Such a romantic story…swoon…there’s nothing like marrying ur best friend. Wish kelvin and Jennifer all the best

  • monica hamis
    November 27, 2014

    wish you guys all the best…. so lovely.

  • Emediongekanem
    November 30, 2014

    Lovley may God keep u guys fire of love 4evr.

  • Francisca
    November 30, 2014

    I wish you two an everlasting love that knows no sorrow. God bless your home.