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Nigerian Wedding: “He’s My Kind Of Man For You & I’m Super HAPPY”- READ Ajibola & Tokunbo’s Beautiful Love Story! How They Met & Marriage Proposal

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When your dad approves of the man you bring home, then know you have chosen right. Ajibola wanted a man just like her dad. A man with purpose, hardworking, polite and someone she can always look up to…..and she got it. A special kind of man, made especially for her!

Their love started out as friendship and blossomed into something even more beautiful, marriage!

Read their beautiful love story below… inspired!


How they met:

Adetokunbo and I met in Uni, University of Greenwich in London to be precise, he was the bookworm I normally see in the library and I was the new girl that was always going to the library to look for books that will enlighten me about Information Technology (IT). As I crossed from Art to Sciences my first degree was in Law (LLB) and it was a different challenge doing my Masters degree in IT with e-Business. He obviously did his first degree in Computing (IT) and his second degree in Information Security and Audit, plus he was used to the Uni Library, as he did his first degree there some years back before returning as a student, after working as IT Auditor for few years. He was not in my department, but we had some courses in common so we often see. My friend, Tsaian and I normally laugh at him because he was always well dressed in formal wears (Suits) coming to Uni from work, and he often sat in the first 5 rows and always participating in class. Lol.


One faithful day in our first semester, we were fortunate to seat together in a classroom for a module we do together which was Strategic E-business, while waiting for the Tutor, he offered me Kit Kat chocolate bar, of course I wanted it but I said no thank you, I am fine. We got talking and I realised that we grew up in the same area back home in Nigeria and my elder brother had same friends in common with him, so we clicked immediately and became friends. The more we get to know each other, we realised that we had so much in common, but then we were both in a relationship, so we could not date. He is a very kind and polite man and I remember that he often ask “Is there anything I can do to help you with your academics and all” but I always turn him down – I guess I was too scared to get too close to him, as I have a massive crush on him and don’t want to give that away too easily.

One day, shortly after defending our MSc project / dissertation (about a year after we met and became friends) he invited me out for a date at this lovely Caribbean restaurant in East London and I went and that day he confessed he likes me and want a relationship with me and I asked him “what about your girlfriend?” and he told me it isn’t working between them and they broke up, which was my story too. Deep down inside me I know I like him and want him, he is cute, handsome, charming and one of the most intelligent, diligent and hardworking man I have ever met. I am very close to my dad and have always wanted a career man like my dad, someone I can always look up to, so I decided to give the relationship a trial, and things got serious and few days before our MSc graduation ceremony, around July 2013. I introduced him to my dad and his words were “he’s my kind of man for you and I am super happy” Lol.

How he proposed:

On his birthday this year, June 12, I threw a birthday party for him in his Flat in London and invited his family, friends and close work colleagues. I didn’t know he also had a plan to put a diamond ring on it on that day, lol. He planned the surprise engagement with my best friend Nicole and it was in front of his family and our friends that he popped the big question, I was shaking and almost passed out, of course I said yes and I want to spend the rest of my life with him. Here we are now planning our traditional wedding for early next year – precisely Feb 2015.

Congratulations guys! I’m super excited for you two. GOD bless your union.




Photos by Oniroko Femi Photography


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  • Temitope Jubreel
    January 3, 2015

    Congrats Babyphat

    January 14, 2015

    happy for you