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Nigerian Wedding: “He Asked & I Said YES”! Read How Mary & Ronald Met…..

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We love, love stories, and we aim to inspire our readers with stories of other couples, their journey through courtship to marriage! In our new series, of He asked,and I said YES! We have Mary & Ronald’s to share….READ below…


Ronald and I actually share the same Birthday July 22,1985. We are the same age and were born in the same hospital just a few hours apart. His mom actually remembers my mom giving birth.

We went to the same high school but we never really talked much it wasn’t u Til 3 years ago we were both getting out of bad relationships. I was actually on my Facebook page and saw a picture of Ronald and sent him a message to say hello and see how he was doing.

I wasn’t expecting to date or anything I didn’t view him in that way was just saying hello and from then he started writing me calling and texting he finally asked me out I was hesitant and agreed to meet him for ice cream. Again after that day I still wasn’t trying to go that route but finally he bet me on a basketball game because it was the NBA finals I lost and owed him dinner. He picked me up looking handsome as ever and the rest is history. After that day we were pretty much inseparable.


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