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Nigerian Wedding: “God’s Purpose For Us”- READ Bassey & Mark’s Beautiful Love Story

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Truly, there will be times when we feel like GOD has turned his back on us and we are all alone in this world! But then, he shows up right on time before we give up because he’s an ontime GOD! Bride to be, Bassey, went through a heart breaking experience when she lost her mum to the cold hands of death, when she couldn’t carry on anymore GOD sent her a consoler, a lover and a best friend to wipe away her tears, help her and stand by her through life’s journey, in the person of Mark. Such a touching story….be inspired!

Nigerian wedding bassey & paul pre-wedding shoot

How they met:

As a little girl, I remember always wishing I would find love when I was 23years old and get married, have my two beautiful, adorable kids and top it up with a great career. Then live happily ever after! Hmmmm! But life or should I say God always has the last say in our lives, which can come with some setbacks of heartbreak, loss and shattered dreams!

As I grew older, I began to realise that life was not as I anticipated and I had to go through a path to get to my destiny.

There I was at 23years old and like a flash, I was walking up my career ladder but couldn’t find the right man to call my own and then reality struck even harder in 2011, my beautiful life that I had with my beautiful family was totally shattered when I lost my mother in an untimely manner.

She was my best friend, my closest confidant and everyone who knows me knew how close I was with my mum. She left so unexpectedly and was also a very young woman. My whole world fell apart and at that time I was in a serious relationship then but like I said earlier everything fell apart.

As I went through the heartbreak of losing my best friend/mother, it took three of my close friends, my younger sister and a mentor to put my head straight and that was when I finally saw the healing power of God and allowed God to heal me completely. As I was picking up the pieces of my life, that was when ‘Mark’ showed up. Of cause as the devil wanted me confused and to continue being disappointed about life and couldn’t see what God had placed before me to restore my broken heart and give me beauty for ashes. Mark showed me great love, joy and happiness and God used my friends to open my eyes that Mr Right was in front of me even though I totally ignored him (Mark).

Nigerian wedding bassey & paul pre-wedding shoot 2
Nigerian wedding bassey & paul pre-wedding shoot 6

How he proposed:

So fast forward to 2 years and 10 months later, we are finally walking down the aisle and committing our love and union to God.

He is my friend, my confidant, lover and my protector. I have seen love through him like God described what love is in the bible. I don’t think I could have chosen to spend the rest of my life with anybody else.

I want to tell you that no matter what you’ve lost and what was stolen from you, it was never meant to be. God is so huge and He allows everything to happen for a specific reason and His timing is always on point! When I look back at the loss of my mother and how I met Mark, God knew I needed a protector, His own son and a man He has chosen to love me without a fault.

Even though my journey hasn’t been smooth and that of a Cinderella story but I can boldly say in God’s grace His purpose and will for me has come to pass.

As much as my mum won’t be here to spend this special day with us, I know she will be so happy with the man I am choosing to spend the rest of my life with.

Nigerian wedding bassey & paul pre-wedding shoot 7

Nigerian wedding bassey & paul pre-wedding shoot 1

Nigerian wedding bassey & paul pre-wedding shoot 3

Nigerian wedding bassey & paul pre-wedding shoot 4

Thanks for sharing Funmi Shittu! Wishing Bassey & Mark blessings all the way, may GOD bless your union!


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