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Nigerian Wedding: Comfort & Ernest’s Colourful Wedding in Abuja + READ Their Beautiful Love Story

Comfort and Ernest’s story is a case of two friends deciding on forever! Such a beautiful couple, the bride tells Nigerian Wedding how they met and how the groom Ernest proposed, read!

How they met:

We met some time in 2009 when he came to Manchester to visit my family who he’s know for many years. But at that time I don’t think any of us even thought anything of our meeting as I made no attempt to even be friends with him. After not speaking for a few years he added me on Facebook and that’s how we got talking, He then got my number and our communication became consistent. As time went on, I found a really good friend in him but unknown to me he was developing feelings for me (I found this out later). That year I was traveling to Nigeria for holidays and he said he’d come to Nigeria to meet me which I was excited about because by then I was really starting to like him and thought it will be cool to have time to chill and know him more. He started the idea of getting married as a joke and the more he brought it up the more serious the idea became. We kind of had the understanding that we will get married he had his eyes on sometime sooner whilst I was thinking more of 3/4years lol. Well back in Manchester I started looking more into weddings, dresses, venues and the whole prospect of living together whilst listening to what’s now become our favorite song “only reason” by JP Cooper, I instantly messaged him that day to say let’s get married next year to his surprise and excitement that he’s getting what he wanted lol.

How he proposed:

This was summer 2013 when we decided 2014 was going to be our year but I didn’t get an official proposal or ring till May 2014 (months after giving up on ever getting it lol). I went to make my hair and he came to pick me up because it was late at night and whilst we were walking back to my house he stalled and I turned to see him on his knee. You would think for someone who has known their getting married for nearly a year now wouldn’t be so gob-smacked but I was absolutely ecstatic and speechless and felt as if the stars and the universe were in agreement in our union. Well after all the stress of planning and so on I finally became his Mrs (yaaaaaaay!) on 16-08-14!!

Photography was by Godwin Oisi Photography: instagram:@godwinoisi , Phone: 08094832786, website:,





















Nigerian Wedding, wishes the couple a happy married life together, and special thanks to Godwin Oisi Photography for the colourful images.

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