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Nigerian Wedding: Brought together “again”by Destiny! Read Munneerah & Capt. Umar’s Beautiful story

Munneerah and Capt Umar’s wedding is slated for 6th Nov 2014. And the lovely bride and her photographer George Okoro shared some photos from their pre-wedding shoot with us, as well as their love story…..enjoy!

How we met :

Well I don’t even know where to start this love story of ours from… emmn Well according to him, he first saw me on his friend’d phone, and he was like mehnnn who’s that chic? The friend told him bout me and he tripped, he got my handle on twitter and Facebook and boom the stalking process began. Lol. He sent several messages but never did I reply any. Well well let me just cut the chase, so this prince charming of mine decided to take a tour to Malaysia hoping he’d get to see me. He arrived safely and was asking his friends for my details and how he can finally meet me but he never got the chance to because I wasn’t really close to his pals so that had to go to trash. Lol ( poor baby). Luckily for him I was out on this very faithful day having fun and I was in a very good mood and happy state.. so he approached me, not sure how that turned out though but according to him. He said hi and I smiled back with a warm hello and boom that was his best moment in 2009.

The stalking never stopped he finally got my phone number God knows how but he called as soon as he was back in Miami, and that was when everything kinda started because I found myself responding to every call he made, we just kinda clicked. Guess the chemistry was too strong(haha). We got really close to a fault and later I changed my number and I never got to call him ( pretty sure he was sad the whole year, lol) well some time in 2012, I officially met Umar for the first time through a friend. We got introduced never did I know it was the same guy I was talking back in 09 because I only met him once n in a crowded place. So couldn’t really recognise the face until when he asked if I remember him and explained the whole incident that happened in the past of course you know girls and fronting lol! I did but I pretended not to (Just to keep the ball rolling hehe),. So he asked for my number and my friend insisted I give him or she would. So I did give him the number myself. We started communicating again on a fresh start and he always told me not to be forming because he’s surely going be my life companion. Each time he says that I burst out in laughter. Little did I know 1 was slowly falling in love wit him and yeah here we are today. I must say that am a very lucky girl to have someone like Umar. I really can’t see myself with anybody other than him. He means the world to me n I know I mean everything to him..












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  • Taibat
    October 10, 2014

    Cool story,similar to my sis story,patiently waiting for mine.wish dem d very best in marriage.

  • Ayinla Memunat
    October 15, 2014

    Its so nice….i wish dem conjugal bliss forever

  • Nonso
    October 21, 2014

    The bride is beautiful.. God bless them

  • Safiya
    October 21, 2014

    Awwwwwwww how sweet.. Destiny truly