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Nigerian Wedding: A Grooms Guide To Itsekiri Traditional Wedding

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The Itsekiri (also called the, Isekiri, Itsekri or Ishekiri or Itsekhiri) are a peculiar and unique riverine people who were traditionally fishermen and skillful traders living in the Nigerian Niger delta. They have inhabited their homeland, which now constitutes the three Warri Local Government Areas of Delta State, Nigeria, for centuries. The Itsekiri make up an appreciable proportion of the modern towns of Sapele, Warri, Burutu, and Forcados. The Itsekiris traditionally refer to their land as the Kingdom of Warri or ‘Iwere’ as its proper name.


There’s something fascinating about the Itsekiri culture! It’s slightly different with regards to their traditional wedding, which is that they do not collect a bride price from the groom’s family, unlike other tribes in Nigeria. The bride’s family give out a list of items the grooms family needs to bring to the traditional wedding ceremony. This includes, clothes, Jewelries, food items, Drinks, wines and many more….


Itsekiri brides have to put on 3 maiden looks – Gold, Silver and Coral on their wedding day. The bride wears silver to greet the elders and confirm the man has come to marry her, she usually comes out unveiled. After the Silver look, she comes back out with a white and purple look which is the full Itsekiri outfit and the couple’s union is blessed by the elders.
















Items such as kolanut, hot drinks and a chest of beads were used to perform the marriage rites.


Usually traditional rites performed at the wedding are in style of the Bride’s Itsekiri culture, however, for this wedding, there were also rites performed at the reception, from the groom’s Kalabari culture. This particular rite is called ‘Bibife’ which literally means ‘buying of mouth’.


This is a ceremony that allows her to eat in her husband’s house. The groom and his family pretty much pay some money so that the bride could cook and eat in his house. They present all kinds of food laid out and when they tried to feed the bride, she refuses until they put some money to the table. Soon after the bride thanks the groom with a piece of cloth and plenty kisses. According to tradition, the couple are to wrap their first baby in the cloth used.


This is where the elders inspect the husband (they check to see if he has his complete 10 toes and 10 fingers), when he has been inspected, certified and ‘accepted’, they then go ahead and bless the union.









At the end of it all, Tosan and Emi dressed up in the groom’s traditional attire. The attire is a Royal look for a King and Queen, which is called Attigra.

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  • Dope Nath-Esigbone
    December 23, 2014

    This is fantastic I am loving the modernity of our very special wears. Carry go itsekiri

  • oritsema
    January 1, 2015

    hi, I have seen this lady’s picture and story before. just to correct the notion. itsekiris collect bride price well, the amount is small (twelve shillings) very small but it is taken. this information is incorrect and misleading

  • tsema
    January 1, 2015

    The information in this article is based on the lady’s preference o. To say that itsekris don’t collect bride price is misleading. U are not compelled to wear the three kweke (gold, silver and coral). And u are also also not to wear purple and white o. The colour u decide to wear is your choice. Bride price is listed along side drinks , cola , palm wine etc. Even though its twelve shillings the amount is represented in twelves these days eg 1200 or 120 etc . please dear Nigerian wedding before u post a thing like this get your facts very Clear. Many people visit your site. #itsekirigirl

    • Anita
      February 16, 2015

      @tselma,must you point out corrections to make one feel bad?simply correct with love,cos no one knows it all.

  • Joseph ereomala
    August 13, 2015

    Pls i need wedding list o,itsekiri thanks

  • Lucy
    February 23, 2016

    My beautiful Tosan and Emi. yours was a beautiful love story and now I realize you also have a rich culture! It is really amazing!