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Nigerian Wedding: 6 Unique Marriage Proposal Ideas We Love

Every marriage proposal is unique in its own way. While some just leave you utterly speechless, with some, the amount of “awww” “so cute” “how adorable” just don’t stop pumping in, this is how this marriage proposals below will make you feel! Nothing beats a well thought out, one of a kind marriage proposal, and Nigerian wedding is excited to share with you some of the most unique marriage proposal ideas out there, enjoy!


She thought it was just another fishing trip. An underwater scuba diver attached the sign to the fishing rod!

Marriage proposal ideas

She probably thinks he’s drawing a sketch of her! This is too cute!

Marriage proposal ideas

This is by far the cutest proposal! Baby-mamas deserve the best proposals too, aww…here’s how this white hubby proposed to his babymama. While entering their apartment, she was welcomed with a white tee on her child popping the question and a gorgeous ring!

Aeroplane marriage proposal

Awwww! This man proposed to his girlfriend on Arik Air Flight airborne…..Although they sat separately that didn’t stop him, he walked down to where she was sitting, brought out a ring, popped the question in the presence of everyone, who were awwing, clapping & cheering….She accepted & then they squeeeeeezed each other :-)!

Unique marriage proposal ideas

In a #Bentley and in such a romantic way….why won’t she say YES???

Unique marriage proposal ideas

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This is perfect! We love a man who is after GOD’s own heart.


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