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Nigerian Jollof MEETS American Mac & Cheese! Ola & Chantia Met On INSTAGRAM ! SEE Their “On The Run” Pre-wedding Photos & Love Story | Jaxon Photo Group

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Welcome back lovers! Ola Olusoga and Chantia Singleton are picture perfect in these images captured by Jaxon Photo Group, the bride-to-be and her groom’s pre-wedding portraits are bursting with class, glam and royal colors from those Ankara his and hers matching styles, and of course, a whole lotta love and great chemistry (Just watch the video, you’d see why)!

These two love birds met on Instagram! Ola reached out first, with these exact words “you look like my future baby mama” and Chantia replied “don’t you mean wife?” From there, they exchanged numbers and began talking. He lived in NJ and she lived in GA but for some reason, it wasn’t never a scary thought. They took turns flying back and forth to see one another until he finally moved to GA about 10 months into them dating. He had found a job and everything out there in her city, without Chantia knowing! It was such a pleasant surprise, Chantia said and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

Ola & Chantia pre-wedding photo 10
How he proposed: 
About 2 years into us dating, I was graduating From University. On the day I went to get my nails done for the ceremony, I came home and my friends had helped him put rose petals in a trail to the bedroom. There he was, on his knee, with my favorite love song playing in the background, with the most beautiful ring I’d ever seen. Of course I said yes which is surprising because I had the biggest phobia of commitment before.

After getting glammed up by Makeup By gray, Chantia and her boo Ola hit the road for a celebrity (Beyonce & Jay Z) inspired “On The Run” photoshoot .

The couple changed into three different looks, the sequin short dress and veil worn by the bride  Chantia and Ola’s casual hip look, and then changed in to a long sequin evening dress, while Ola looked dashing in blue suit & pants, and their final look, which is my favourite, the Ankara inspired look, loved the bow-tie, such a visual delight, so chic!  I bet you can’t wait to read their story and see the photos/ video below, well here you go!

A Little Back Story…

“You look like my future baby mama.” Those were the first words Ola jokingly said to Chantia on social media. She replied “Don’t you mean wife?”… Romantic right?

That’s where it all began.

Chantia lived in Georgia and Ola in New Jersey but that wouldn’t pose a problem. After sustaining a long distance relationship for one year, Ola uprooted his life and moved to Georgia.

Brick by brick, they’ve been building their life together ever since. The best part… guess she turned out to be his “future wife” after all.


Ola & Chantia pre-wedding photo 3


The bride shared some more facts about herself, her fear of commitment and how a man like Ola changed all that!

A fun pre Ola fact about me: I loved the idea of commitment. I loved it so much that I got in a whole marriage when I was 21 and spent all of my teens and early twenties committed to ‘different someones.’

But note that I loved the idea of commitment. The real thing, however, left me itchy, sweaty and needing to run far away. I wanted to be loved and I needed for people to fall in love with me but once that was achieved, I felt trapped and I needed to get out.

But at about 23, I had an epiphany. I was dizzy from the spinning. No matter how much I had stuffed my voids with pseudo commitments, they always came bursting open, spilling out, overflowing. Something had to give.

I spent one year alone. Single. Celibate. Abstinent from commitments. Dating freely. No relationships. Hiking. Reading. Joined a church. Danced a lot. I wanted to be whole. The way I was doing it previously wasn’t the right way. Therefore, I changed it.

A year, in retrospect sounds short but in the moment, it was painful and lonely. It was wanting to play house and make dinner and make love but forcing myself to be alone. But, it was the only way. A girl with good intentions and bad habits…

Ola & Chantia pre-wedding photo

Then came Ola, in an instagram comment (but I had noticed him months before….)I fell for him like you fall asleep, slowly and then all at once. But how was he different? How was this different? How was I different?

One year into it, I waited for the itching, the sweating, the need to run and it never came. Two years later, same thing…seriously how could a honey moon phase last that long? Third year, normalcy set it, we needed more space, we had our first real fight but I didn’t want to run. For the first time ever, I wanted to stay, I wanted to talk it through. I wanted to commit. The fun was dying down and I still wanted to stay for good.

But could I commit without marriage? Would marriage change me? Would it alter the wholeness that I found and created? I had never even dreamed of being a bride. The last time I got married, we broke up 2 months later because I didn’t want to move in with him or change my last name or go to counseling. I thought long and hard about this. We talked through our reasoning. We were not traditional people. Additionally, we live in a progressive world where feminism is poppin, women are choosing to freeze their eggs, vetoing marriage and building empires instead.

Ola & Chantia pre-wedding photo 2

After reading, soul searching, talking with friends, married women, meditating on it and disussing it with my partner….I realized I didn’t have to choose and I am living proof that you don’t. The same year that I got engaged, I published 2 books, started a licensed preschool, began making a profit from both of those ventures and discovered/mapped out the next 3 big goals that I want to achieve.

The best part about it all is that my partner, my future husband, our plans to marry and eventually procreate hasn’t hindered my ‘empire building’ or my wholeness. It has actually helped and gave me a larger picture to paint! In fact, I am not sure I would be as far along as I am without him and our plans. I’m a better version of myself with him. I read more. I’m more business savvy. I’m stronger, braver, wiser, more determined and disciplined. He helps center me. He helps me build my own empire inside of our empire.

You can have it all, the empire, the husband, the commitment, the tradition, the feminism, the children, the wholeness…. It’s all yours if you want it. No one way or choice is right or wrong.

Ola & Chantia pre-wedding photo 6

Ola & Chantia pre-wedding photo 8

Ola & Chantia pre-wedding photo 4

Ola & Chantia pre-wedding photo 1

Ola & Chantia pre-wedding photo 56

Ola & Chantia pre-wedding photo 5

Ola & Chantia pre-wedding photo 7

Ola and Chanti will be getting married in Montego Bay, Jamaica in December, 2017. How exciting right? Wishing you two all the best in your marriage, we can’t wait to see the wedding photos!

Photography: JaxonPhotogroup
MUA: Makeupbygray
Styling: TheStly’dSuiteLLC


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