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#NanaToba2017 Loading! Popular Club Promoter aka Toba Bad Guy Is Engaged To Longtime Girlfriend Nana [Photos + Video]

Popular London club promoted Toba is getting married to he is long time model girlfriend Nana, and his sweet proposal will melt your heart! Watch and check out the lovely photos below. Enjoy!


The Hidden Truth Movie (proposal) from Badguy Toba on Vimeo.


How he proposed:

She thought she was going for a movie premiere not knowing the movie was our love story, the highlights of the past few years we have been together, I planned with her girlfriends, hired out the whole cinema, made our own movie & invited friends & family with personalised popcorn packs, movie posters, flyers & more. I absolutely surprised her, she had no clue, but I was surprised at the amount of people shedding tears. We ran out of tissue. Lol. I proposed to my girl & she said yes! Now let’s go show them how to marry in style #NanaToba2017


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