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“My Packaged Yummy Goodness”- Chidinma & Ugochukwu’s Inspiring Love Story

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Chidinma & Ugochukwu PRE-WEDDING 2
How we Met
Ugochukwu and I met 2010 while serving our fatherland in Jalingo Taraba State. I was skeptical when I saw my posting and wasn’t so happy about it but little did I know it would land me My Packaged Yummy Goodness lol!
Despite the snubs and shades I gave this young Man during and after Service, he didn’t relent. I got into a relationship which didn’t get along yet he patiently waited till I got out haaaaa!  I never bothered saving his number for the countless times he called, I was so cold to him that I just don’t know what driving force pulled me into making a distant relationship (Abuja/Lagos) of 2 Years metamorphose into Marriage. Love strong Sha!!!
Chidinma & Ugochukwu PRE-WEDDING
Did I say we took the Vow to wait? We both gave our bodies to ourselves as virgins. Sounds alot like a faux these days but Yes it does happen. Not by our strength but Hebrews 13:4 beautifully came through for us.

Beloved has been an amazing Guy and one of a kind, understanding and managing my excesses, stubbornness and shaping me into the woman and help meet for him. I look at myself and Smile at how Gracious God has been bringing him my way. Yes we argue and quarrel but can’t stop pranking, praying, planning, bonding and trust me when I say we make a great team! For us, it’s Forever to go.

Chidinma & Ugochukwu PRE-WEDDING 1
I am a die hard gospel drummer who eats drum, sleeps drum and lives drum (not to say that was the attracting magnet for Chidinma because she is not a music person and can’t sing to save a life not even hers haaaaaa!) so one would wonder how in church I would be so lost in drums yet train my eyes to constantly gaze this lady who keeps taking my breath away!
So I noticed this calm, serious minded Lady while serving as the President of Winners Corpers Fellowship, but since I was a Leader, I wasn’t allowed to “catch” feelings with Sisters lol! I respected myself till few months later after I passed out before I called her. Although she dealt with me and would keep asking ‘Who is this’? anytime I call but I stood my ground. Who no like better thing! Fast forward to 5 Years here we are and this is the best decision I’ve ever made in Life.
Nwanyiomam as I fondly call her has been my backbone, the Strength that contains all my weaknesses. 23rd of April when with tears flowing down her eyes she openly told the World she will share her life with me remains a cherished memorial for me. I am blessed to have her wake up everyday beside me for the rest of my life.
Chidinma & Ugochukwu PRE-WEDDING 4 Chidinma & Ugochukwu PRE-WEDDING 5Chidinma & Ugochukwu PRE-WEDDING 6Chidinma & Ugochukwu PRE-WEDDING 3

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