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Monica’s Romantically Sweet Marriage Proposal Story

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So I met my boyfriend (sorry fiancé), p.s still trying to get used to that word, lol. The first time we met was NYSC camp in Lagos, July 2010. We were in same platoon but we hardly spoke to each other until I was selected to represent my platoon for the Miss NYSC, he was among those who rooted for me.

At the end of the 3 weeks camp , while collecting our POP letters we discovered we lived in the same neighborhood in Lagos. We exchanged numbers after that. As time went on, we got talking and I really enjoyed his company.

He is extremely brilliant and outgoing (that’s a plus for me). He was always there for me when I needed him. We were good friends and after a year the friendship developed into a relationship. I was skeptical about it initially because I’m an Igala girl from Kogi state and he is from Anambra state, I didn’t want issues to come up later in the relationship based on experiences I had heard or listened to. But I prayed about it and decided to have an open mind.



Fast forward to April 23 2016, he had plans to take me out to dinner on my birthday so he got everything ready. We went for dinner and we talked about everything and laughed. Told him how happy I was that my day was ending perfect just the way I wanted, because I wasn’t up for loud music and all.

So we went back to our room. Opened the door, lights came on and Tada! I saw his friends and MY friends and family (the last time I spoke with my friends , they were meant to be somewhere else, far from where I was, so they said. Unknown to me,he lodged my friends in the same hotel I was in and I had no idea) and the bed was filled with roses and a very lovely pink cake that says ‘spend forever with me’.

I almost fainted. And when I turned, he was on bended knee with this gorgeous ring, my exact kind of ring, asking if I will marry him. Like hell yea!!!!!! This is the man I am madly in love with , who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, My friend! My lover! Why wouldn’t I say yes!!! Lol.


Congratulations to the beautiful couple!


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