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Marriage Pressure? What Nigerian Modern Woman in her Right Mind Bows to Marriage Pressure?

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The video below is a must watch. It is candid, it showcases women keeping it as real as real gets and they cover it all including the following:

1. The pressure for Nigerian women to be married at a certain age. These women are grouped into categories including half price (mid-20s), “final clearance” (late 20s) and “expired” (over 30).Unbelievable, but for the seriousness and cadence of the discussion.

2. They discuss the financial stability the guy should bring to the table. If he is 27 and older, what has he really got to show for himself?

3.There are some great points they raise here about the distinction with dating a man in the US and UK towards marriage and being okay if he is not financially as sound as he should be so long as he has potential; versus dating the same man in Nigeria. Different ball game. The homie has to have enough money to pay rent for a year, do the wedding, pay for school for the children, basically, he has to have his financial act together.

4. They also cover cheating, (snitching on your friend’s guy who is cheating), snooping on (your man), returning the engagement ring he gave you after the breakup and so much more.

This is a total must watch for all women, Nigerian or not, and for the fellas, you could learn a thing or two. It is worth the time spent.

So, check on it.


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