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Love At First Sight! Shayo & Bolu Shares Their Love Story | Royals media concept 

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Shayo & Bolu have been right under each other’s radar for a while without even knowing! The couple attended school together, from primary up till tertiary but never knew each other. Read their story below, as narrated by the groom.

How we met:

We met way back in Unilag Jan 9th 2014, very fortunate for both of us we went to same primary, secondary and Tertiary institution and we never met/known each other for 1 day though she was my junior all through the years. 

The first day I saw her, I saw my future wife, mother of my children and my mother in her eyes and her character. I fell in love naturally with her, at first I taught it was infatuation, until the feeling started growing day by day. 


Fortunately for me opportunity came begging to talk to her, I called her and asked where she is going after close of class for that day, immediately she responded and said Ogba, fortunately for me I was going to ogba I decided to drop her off. 

When we got to Ogba, I asked her where she is going from there and she said college road, when we got to college road I asked her the same question and she mentioned the street and I said wow, coz my street is few street away from hers. I couldn’t believe my ears. 

That day was one of my happiest day in life. We exchanged pleasantries and we moved on. Six month after I proposed to her and she said yes. 27th Dec. 2014 was our introduction. We got married 2nd of May 2015. 



Photography by Royals media concept 08033631300. 


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