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“Love At Every Sight”- Vivian & Princeton’s Romantically Sweet Love Story | Michsomar Studio

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Vivian knew she has a crush but how would she get him to notice her? One fateful day she decided to test faith and voila, she was just who Princeton needed! 

Two weeks after they started talking, he asked her to be his girlfriend, although Vivian was abroad at the time, they made it work and now these two love birds are getting married, and the vibrant 3003 Events is in charge of thei wedding planning and coordination for the day.

How exciting right? Read their love story below, be inspired!

Photos by Michsomar Studio



I and Princeton met for the first time in 2014 at my church when I was home for holidays but we never said a word to each other. 

I noticed his charming smile but kept it to myself. Fast forward to his birthday on Feb 5th 2015 when a mutual friend put him up on his bbm dp to wish him a happy birthday. His face looked familiar and I quickly recognized that smile again. 

I pinged my friend and asked him to wish Princeton a happy birthday and the next thing he said was ‘ wish him yourself jor… Here’s his pin’. I was a little bit reluctant but then I was dancing in my heart because I was secretly tripping. 


I added him later that evening and he accepted. I wished him a happy birthday and we got talking. Funny, but Princeton was trying to prepare chicken vegetable sauce for some friends that he invited over for his birthday dinner.

 He got confused and didn’t know how to Make the sauce so he asked that I help teach him how to prepare it over chat which I quickly obliged to ???… 

Thank God the sauce came out nice. After that day, he went mute on me for 2 days. Imagine he was changing his dp but didn’t say hello to me, I just acted as though he wasn’t on my list and didn’t ping him too (normal girl shakara ). 


He pinged after 2 Days saying he was busy and all, I acted as though it was ok but in my heart I was vexed o that he didn’t ping ???. we got talking again, this time over the phone. We talked for over 4 hours that night and there was an instant connection. 

Though I was abroad for my studies, Princeton and I got really close. Two weeks after we got talking, he told me he wanted me to be his girlfriend, I felt it was too sudden and he was too blunt.


How he proposed:

He kept pushing until I agreed to date him. I finally moved back to Nigeria in July 2015 and on my birthday August 31st , it was supposed to be dinner with him and few friends but by the time I got to the venue, he had invited a lot of people and his excuse was that he just wanted the place to be lively and for me to be happy. 

I didn’t suspect a thing. We ate, drank and I even cut my cake. Just when we were preparing to leave, everyone took turns to say their wishes. Princeton was the last on the line and I was expecting him to give vote of thanks to everyone that came out so we could leave. 

The next thing, I heard this guy saying plenty things about love (cant remember most of them), then he went on his kneels and brought out a ring asking me to marry him. 

I was in shock staring at him and whispering ‘what are u doing’. I couldn’t believe it, he kept telling me to take the ring and I finally realized he was still on his kneels. I took the ring and here we are today?????❤️?. 

Princeton is an amazing guy, he’s funny, charming, loving, caring and he has a beautiful heart. And I pray that God would bless and prosper this union in Jesus name… Amenn. 



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1 Comment
  • Vure
    March 11, 2016

    Congratulations Vivian & Princeton . Amazing pictures , very well done. Cheers to your your nuptials