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Just Engaged? Find Out When & How To Start Planning Your Nigerian Wedding

Thinking of when and how to start planning your wedding? Straight after you get engaged, no kidding. There are a few questions you need to ask yourself. First is, if you want to plan you wedding yourself or use a professional wedding planner.

Using a professional planner or not, the first and one of the most important wedding planning tip is to be on the same stage as your partner. You and your fiancé will have different ideas, in terms of colour choice, type of wedding you like, the reception venue, guests to invite or not, so it’s important that you two talk it through.

So, immediately after the date has been chosen and both families are in agreement. (Read How To Plan A Nigerian Traditional Wedding), talk to your partner, you two need to decide what type of wedding you want. How much you are willing to spend, what’s important to each of you and what’s not, what you are willing to compromise on and so on.

Below is a simple wedding planning quiz you and your partner can use to access your needs, to inspire you with wedding ideas you have no clue about it already, to help you create, project and most importantly design the kind of wedding you two would love to have. Also, If you decide on using a wedding planner, then knowing exactly what you want your wedding to look like will make the planning process a lot more easier.

Please note that Pre-wedding fights among couples is common and sometimes leads to calling off the wedding. So, it’s important that you and your partner be honest about what you want for your dream wedding and be open to changes and also be willing to compromise. It’s normal to argue about colours, number of guests to invite, who’s paying for what e.t.c Therefore, try not to take any fights to heart, do not start planning heavily, leave room to do other stuffs with your partner aside wedding planning, take breaks in between planning, you can plan twice or once a week, make it productive.

It’s important that when taking the wedding planning quiz below, that you and your partner will be honest with your choice as much as possible. It’s more like a guide for your wedding, and no one is going to judge your choice, so make it count and go all out! This wedding planning quiz features questions about wedding style, budget

Q1. What Type Of Wedding Do You Want?

It’s highly important that you two agree on the type of wedding you want, small, big, religious, etc. you can also combine if more than two, for example trad, registry and religious wedding or whatever works for you two.

i. Small & Intimate wedding
ii. Big Carnival style wedding
iii. Religious wedding
iv. Traditional Wedding
v. Registry/ Court Wedding

Q2. What Wedding Theme Do You Want?

Every great wedding has a theme. This could be dictated by a colour, an era, or even centred on the venue’s own style. Whatever you choose for your wedding theme, help is on hand from Nigerian Wedding to make it perfect! (See Over 100+ Wedding Color Scheme Ideas HERE)

i. Classy wedding theme
ii. Glamorous old Hollywood style theme
iii. Formal wedding theme
iv. Old school wedding theme
v. Shabby chic

Q3. What Wedding Style Do You Want?

First and foremost, you and your partner should decide which type of wedding style suit your personalities and lifestyle. Once you know your style, it’s a lot easier to coordinate the invitation, styling, favors, flowers, dresses, menu, music and all the other items required when it revolves around a specific style.

i. Beach Wedding
ii. Outdoor Wedding
iii. Destination wedding
iv. Summer wedding (May-Nov)
v. Winter wedding (Dec-Feb)
vi. Vintage Wedding
vii. Vineyard wedding

Q4. What Colors Would You Like To Use?

Have no idea about colours? Love two or more colours but don’t know how to make it work for you? Check out our posts on the most popular Nigerian Wedding colour combinations HERE.
Some of the most popular colors in 2014 includes, monochrome colors such as all white, all mint, shades of blue and many more.

Q5. When do you want to get married?

You can start thinking of when you two would like to get married. As we all know, September- December is the most busy wedding period.

i. Weekend wedding
ii. Week day wedding
iii. During a public holiday (Valentine’s day, Xmas, New year, Sallah Day, Democracy Day, Worker’s day)
Iv. On a memorable date (such as 4/4/2014; 5/5/2015)
v. On a special day (my/ my fiance’s birthday; my parent’s wedding anniversary; our anniversary)

Q6. Where do you want to hold the main wedding ceremony?

i. Religious house (church etc)
ii. Outdoor location (such as a park, open field)
iii. Overseas (destination wedding)
iv. A different state from where you live
V. Other__________________

Q7. Where do you want to have the reception?

i. The worship house hall (church hall, mosque etc)
ii. Hotel banquet hall
iii. Resort
iv. Community center (e.g city hall)
v. Other__________________

Q8. How many guests will you invite?

i. 10-50
ii. 50-200
iii. 200-500
iv. 500-1000
v. 1000+

Q9. What’s your budget?

You may not know how much you will be spending at the moment, but if you have a rough idea of how much you are willing to spend on a wedding then that can serve as a basis.

i. N150,000 or less
ii. N151,000 – N250,000
iii. N251,000 – N350,000
iv. N351,000 – N450,000
v. N451,000 – N600,000
vi. N601,000 – N1m
vii. N1m – 2m
viii. Over N2m (specify_____)

Q11. Who will pay for the wedding and reception?

Now, to the most important question. Who pays for what? These should be made clear, everyone should know who’s paying for what etc

i. Bride and groom
ii. Groom
iii. Bride and groom’s parents
iv. Bride’s parents
v. Groom’s parents
vi. Other (specify)_________________

Q12. How will you pay for the wedding?

i. Savings
ii. Loan
iii. Contribution from family members
iv. A combination of the above

Q13. Who is paying for what?

Religious ceremony planning
Reception planning
Invitations & program (including guest lists)
Venue decorations
Wedding souvenirs, gifts
Music ( DJ or band), MC
Food, drinks
Wedding cake
Photography &/ or videography
Honeymoon planning

Q14. Will you go for a honeymoon?


Q15. How much can you afford to spend on the honeymoon?

i. Up to N100,000
ii. N101,000 – N300,000
iii. N300,000+

Q16. Where will you go for the honeymoon?

i. Affordable hotel in the state where you wed
ii. A luxury resorts in Nigeria (Obudu? LaCampaigne etc?)
iii. Affordable hotel overseas
iv. Luxurious hotel overseas
V. Other__________________

Q17. What are you two most likely to splurge on?

Rate the following in order of importance, from 1 to 10; (put a number next to each item below, to show their levels of importance, with 1 as the most important and 10 as least important to you):

Wedding Attire
Wedding cake
Venue appearance (ambiance, decorations, table centrepieces)
Wedding photography
Wedding Video
Wedding souvenirs/ favours
Attendance and comfort of Guests

Q18. What do you want to remember about your wedding?

How small and intimate the wedding was
How big and glamorous the wedding was
The amount of people that turned up
How the wedding was talk of the town
How relaxed & enjoyable the wedding was
How everything went smoothly and easily
How happy the guests were
How happy your parents and close family were
How everything was fun and exciting
How romantic it was
How beautiful it was

Now that you’ve both done the quiz, it’s time to compare and contrast your answers. There will surely be differences, however, it’s best to find out about it now, than quarrel about it later. Merge your answers and agree on the differences, compromise if you have to. Knowing that the two of you are on the same page should be a huge relief and that way, the planning should go smoothly!

Phew! Now you two have defined your wedding style and design, stay tuned for more wedding planning tips.


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