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Ikoyi Registry: Detailed Guide/Overview of What to do When Preparing to Wed at The Ikoyi Registry.

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Beverly & Tammy's registry wedding

There are only two Federal Marriage Registries in Nigeria presently. The Federal Marriage Registry Abuja and the Federal Marriage Registry Lagos both under the Ministry of Interior.

The Federal Marriage Registry Ikoyi Lagos has become the registry of choice by most couple largely because of its reputation. Activities like swearing of oath, obtaining of marriage license, counseling, and actual marriage ceremonies.

Tuesdays are for oath swearing, while Wednesday through Fridays are for contracting marriages. However should you decide to have your wedding for Monday or Saturday, it comes at a fee. This registry not only caters to the resident of Lagos, but also the South –South, South-East and the entire South-West-geo-political zone.

There are two distinct type of a marriage been contracted at the registry aside the typical Christian and Muslim marriages. There’s the marriage between Nigerian to Nigerian and Nigerian to non-Nigerian marriage or Non-Nigerian to Non-Nigerian.

Here a step by step guide on expect when seeking to wed at the registry (Nigerian to Nigerian)

Step 1 (FORMS)

Obtain and fill out form called “NOTICE OF MARRIAGE” (see downloads to preview this form). When filling out this form, all birth names of couples should be boldly written with both surnames underlined. One(1) passport of each couple should also be attached. (please note that a stipulated fee is charged on submission of this form).

Return to the registry after 21 days with already filled forms. You would be given another set of forms “AFFIDAVIT ON APPLICATION FOR CERTIFICATE”. This form is to be submitted with the birth certificate of both parties (in absent of a birth certificate a Declaration of Age can be presented).

The next form to be filled is the CERTIFICATE OF BACHELORHOOD/SPINSTERHOOD. If couples had been previously married an AFFIDAVIT OF MARRIAGE should be presented instead of the CERTIFICATE OF BACHELORHOOD/SPINSTERHOOD.

If one or both couple had children before this marriage, an Affidavit should also be presented stating the number of children. On enquiry why this was, I was told that is was for the purpose of fairness and transparency.(please note that a stipulated fee is charged for these forms).

A date for interview for couple is set


You are required to notify the registry on your preferred wedding date.
You are required to provide two witness from both parties.(please note it’s not genders specific)

You are expected to present 2 rings(male and female) or a bible/Quran as the case may be


Wedding dresses and Suits
Native attire
Corporate ensemble
(Please note that short sleeves, shorts and jeans are not allowed)
Nigerian to non-Nigerian/ non-Nigerian to non-Nigerian
Step 1 (FORMS)

Obtain a form called the “particular for special marriage license. This form aims at getting enough information and data about the couple.

Written application for special marriage license by either spouse
Birth certificates or attestation of age of the couple from the national population commission(for Nigerians only)

Scanned copies of data pages of international passport of the couple and stamped entry page(where applicable)

One recent passport of the couple (each)

Certificate or letter of identification from state of origin (Nigerians only)
Sworn affidavit of bachelorhood or spinsterhood from a law court or recognized institution with the evidence of a payment of prescribed fee or If couples had been previously married an


Sworn affidavit/evidence of single with child/children from law court or recognized institution with evidence of payment of prescribed fees.
While foreign nationals should provide any of A-D(as applicable) above from equivalent/institution in their countries.
Payment of prescribed fees.


Step 2 and 3 as seen above still apply.

Check out Beverly and Tammy’s wedding at the Ikoyi Registry HERE.

Check out Taiwo and Makinwa’s gorgeous registry wedding styles….HERE.


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  • jonathan
    March 21, 2016

    thank you for such vital information. But i was told that local government councils also conduct marriage registry- how true is that?