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“If There’s Heaven, It’s in Your Arms”- Soibi & Daty’s Incredibly Sweet Love Story | 3003 Events

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The fabulous team at 3003 Events planned the elegant Soibi and her Prince Charming, Daty’s incredibly romantic & sweet love story with us, and we could wait to share! 

The two love birds met for the first time at church through our mutual friend Sopi back in 2009, they remained friends as the bride-to-be was in a relationship at the time. Fast forward 2015, they became an item and the rest they say is history!

Read their beautiful story below and be inspired!

Photos by Image Faculty.

We met in Christ Church Port Harcourt (our childhood church) in 2009 through our mutual friend Sopi. Soibi looked so beautiful and elegant as she worked towards me, licking her favourite ice cream at the time.
 She walked with a certain aura and confidence. The kind that a woman portrays when she knows she has the magic guys want. Her hips swinging slowly, her eyes locked on her target, and her lips working the ice cream, creating a million fantasies you want to experience over and over again. 

As I stood there beside myself, all I could see was her and no one else for a moment. After Sopi exchanged pleasantries with me, she introduced Soibi as her bestie. Soibi took a quick assessment of me with her beautiful eyes in less than five seconds. The next thing she said stuck in my brain for many years till date. “So this is the Dateme”. 

I guess her thoughts were like, ‘what’s all the fuss about this guy’? As the words sank in, I grumbled in my thoughts with little or no facial expressions.

 I said to myself, ‘what’s wrong with this girl sef? Is it because she’s very good looking?’ I talked some more with Sopi and then she left with Soibi after a few minutes. I kept in touch with Soibi sporadically over the years either on facebook, whatsapp or whenever we found ourselves at the same social or formal event.



In January 2015, Soibi invited me for her birthday in her cousin’s house who happened to be my neighbor, friend and brother. As usual she looked so beautiful and sexy. 

I thought about chasing her at the time, but the thought was shut down after I was told she was in a relationship. In May 2015, I saw her yet again in her cousin tonye’s house during his birthday party. She looked simple and modest, nothing like the elegant Soibi I had met in times past, yet I was still attracted to her. It was at this party I decided once and for all to put Soibi in my home.

I got to work immediately bringing my A-game to the table. I worked her phone with lovely whatsapp messages during working hours; I filled her thoughts at night whenever she lay down to sleep. I made her laugh at the slightest opportunity, and I went the whole nine yards with my MasterCard, giving her a good show whenever I had the opportunity. 

I still remember our first kiss. It was outside her house after we had gone on a date. I got the atmosphere right with music and code from the 90’s. I pulled her close and parted her lips with mine. Her eyes were still closed seconds after I was done. That night I felt like I was 15 again. I had the wildest dreams all night. 

We visited Abuja for a getaway weekend in June, and I turned on the style real good. I had her tuned to my station and she never touched the dial button ever since.


The proposal was very simple, nothing elegantly put together. We had lunch at a restaurant near my home with her sister. I was excited when we got there, and placed our orders. A big day had come. I was about to give up my freedom to this beautiful girl. My life as a very eligible bachelor was about to end. Suddenly I had cold feet. 

My fingers trembled, my palms were wet, and my feet were shaking. I ordered a drink, to pass the time while Soibi and her sister had their lunch. As I seeped my drink slowly, I found my composure again, and even more as I watched Soibi eat and laugh with her sister. After they had desert, the right moment came. My pulse raced a bit, but I brought it under control again. 

I pulled Soibi closer, told her how much I loved her, got to my knees, looked deep in her eyes, then pulled out the ring and asked her to marry me. She blushed real hard and said a big yes. Relieved, i placed the ring on her finger, and kissed her like there was no tomorrow.



If there’s heaven, it’s in your arms

If there’s love, it’s deep in your eyes

If there’s hope, it’s in your smile

If there’s a girl to be with, it’s you my baby.

I don’t just love you to the moon and back, cos that route doesn’t have enough light years for me

I love you dearly sweetie, and there’s no distance to describe it.


The best feeling in the world is waking up my husband and my best friend.

Thank you for making me happiest woman on earth

I know we would grow together in love to a happy family

And I know you will be the best father to our kids

I love you so much and I’m so excited about our FOREVER…


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