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How To Make Money From Your Wedding

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If you want to learn how to make money from your Nigerian Wedding, you’re in the right place! Whether you are a newly engaged bride-to-be, and you’re planning the most perfect wedding, or you are already married and would still like to make money from your big day, just sit tight.

Having some extra cash after all that lavish spending or not knowing where to start with making a profit  from your wedding can be a bit daunting, so today I’m going to teach you how to make some money from your wedding with these five ideas. While some of this tips may be useful if you had a small wedding, others may be useful if you had an OTT (over the top) wedding too. Either ways, you’d make some money back guaranteed, if you follow through with these tips. Please note, I’m not a financial expert, I just want to share my findings and ideas with you and hoping it will be useful.

Did you know that in some cultures, in countries like Nigeria, Vietnam, Isreal, Italy and Zimbabwe couples actually expect to break even on their wedding day? Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Many years ago, I was privilege to attend a Zimbabwe wedding in the UK, and I was amazed by the culture of supporting the newly weds with cash gifts on their wedding day, unlike Nigerians that spray money, the Zimbabweans actually come out in groups to present couples with money gift, which is announced and the amount written/registered by someone, and by the end of the reception, the total amount was announced and the couple went home with almost ten thousand pounds, I was dumbfounded. This couple literally made all if not almost all the money they spent on their wedding. How cool is that? Well, not all cultures do this and not everyone have generous families and friends to contribute this way to the start off a union, so I’m going to teach you how to take control and make some money for yourself.

A wedding ceremony is one of the most expensive purchases a newly married couple can make. Still, it doesn’t have to permanently break the bank. There are ways to actually get back some of the money that you spend on your big day. So, pay attention.



Request CASH Gifts ONLY!

Yes, your read that right! I personally believe that if you want something, ask for it, it’s the law of the universe and even the bible says, “Ask and you shall receive” so ask for it! If you’re wondering how to make this happen without offending your guests then let me tell you how.

How To Make Money From Your Wedding


Nowadays many couples enter the matrimony owning many things already, including kitchen appliances etc. Gift giving has definitely change, and although “wedding etiquette” requires wedding guest to bring a gift if they were officially invited for a wedding, however, guest are usually not obligated unless they want to. So when asking for guests to part with their hard earned cash, you can pretty much guarantee that they’ll want to know how you intend to spend it, and what you’d be spending it on, so it’s best to include a potential destination for the cash in the wedding invitation.

Adding bank accounts to your wedding invitation replaces the old system of putting money in envelopes, and no one takes offence. You can tell guest using a card within the invite that the most important thing is that they attend but if they’d like to they can contribute to your honeymoon, items needed for the home, a new car, savings, a new baby et cetera.

How To Make Money From Your Wedding


Since the average Nigerian wedding between 3million-20million in 2017, breaking even might be wishful thinking. However, with some careful accounting and thinking ahead, you could have a lot more money for life after “I do.”


Start a wedding blog

For obvious reasons this should be no.1 on the list. A lot of wedding bloggers started their journey when they were engaged and planning their wedding and has since maintained and continued toblog. Become an influencer! If you are on Instagram already, why not make money off the wedding planning journey. You’re going on to fit dresses, taste cakes, makeup trial, general wedding shopping. You can vlog your journey, share your findings, trust us you’d be helping a lot of brides, that way, you’re building something for yourself that will still be relevant even after your wedding. You may be able to approach companies, offering your influence, working with them etc long after your wedding.

How To Make Money From Your Wedding

Since starting Nigerian Wedding  a little over six years ago I have made millions of  Naira through blogging. It’s been a perfect side hustle as I’ve been able to run the blog on top of my 9-5 job.

The extra money I’ve made has not only allowed me to invest more, and travel. It has had a huge impact on my finances and my life overall. I am not the only one with a story like this. There are many people who are consistently making millions of naira a month from their blogs. Some have even decided to make it their primary income, abandoning their full-time jobs to blog full-time.

The one thing all these successful wedding bloggers have in common is this: they all started a blog. Without taking this critical first step it’s impossible to make money blogging. It’s easy to think about “someday” starting a blog, but honestly the sooner you start one the better. By starting a blog today you are already far ahead of the millions of people who like the idea of being a wedding blogger but have not taken the critical first step of starting a blog.


Get sprayed

Obviously! If you want to make money, this is one of the easiest route, just make sure to get a good live band and invite generous friends and families.


How To Make Money From Your Wedding
Singer, Oritsefemi spraying his wife Nabila, at their wedding last Nov.

Spraying money is a standard, popular tradition at Nigerian parties. That includes weddings, birthday parties, etc. Wherever there’s a live band or DJ or someone’s phone playlist supplying good music, Nigerians will rise to their feet and hit the dance floor. And the dance floor is where the spraying of money happens. So make sure you get an amazing band, dj and keep your family and guests hyped. Also allow people who exchange minted cash to be in the premises, that way people who’re unable to go to the bank, can get money changed in the venue and in turn spray you!


Sell Your Stuff

Most people have lots of stuff they probably wouldn’t use when they get married, and that stuff might just be taking up space in your house, so why not sell them off? Turn all that stuff into cash by holding a yard sale. Old furniture, clothes, shoes, gadgets etc. are all items that people will buy at yard sales. You can also consider selling items on eBay or OLX.


Invest your wedding cash gifts

Now you’ve got the money, it’s time to invest it. If you know a little bit about playing the market (or know someone who does), you can invest the money you get from your wedding guests for a nest egg that keeps growing right along with your relationship. Only do this with financial advice.

How To Make Money From Your Wedding


I hope you will be able to get an idea or two from this post, remember, you should only do a wedding you can afford, a wedding that doesn’t leave you lacking afterwards. Bottom line is, cut your coat according to your size, prioritise your wedding goals, don’t do it to compete, do it because you can afford to live your best married life afterwards.

Let us know what other tips you may have below, join in the conversation. Remain inspired!



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