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How To Choose The BEST Bridal Earrings To Suit Your Facial Structure By My Velvet Box 

So, we have been getting a lot of questions from divas on the choice of earrings and what to wear to flatter their face shapes. It’s great to choose earrings based on your likes and moods. 

However, there is more to choosing earrings than just picking out a pair that catches your eye. Earrings can enhance your best features when picked wisely. 

They add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. The easiest way to choose your perfect style is to look at your face shape. Choosing the right earrings for your face shape will enable you stand out and accentuate your natural beauty.
Here’s how to choose earrings that’ll flatter your face and accentuate your features.
1.Oval shaped faces: The Oval faces have foreheads that are as wide as the cheekbones. It narrows from the cheeks to the chin, creating the oval shape. You can wear almost every style of earrings. Nevertheless, you can create a striking look by wearing oval shaped dangle earrings.

2. Round faces: Round faces are also called circular faces and are widest at the cheekbones, narrowing at the forehead and jawline. Ladies with round shaped faces look best in long or anugular styles. Dangles and teardrop style are great choices which will help to elongate your face and minimize puffiness.

3. Heart Shaped Face: It has a forehead that is wider than the cheeks. The cheeks further taper down to the chin. Earrings with elongated lines and curves are more flattering for heart shaped faces. They help to balance out the face and draw attention to the eyes, cheekbones and jaw line. Tear drops, dangle and chandelier earrings will help to add an interesting contrast to the face.

4. Square faces: The forehead, the cheeks and jaws are all about the same width on a square-shaped face. Ladies with square-shaped faces have very strong jaw lines. Elongated, dangling and hoop earrings are flattering for square shaped faces. Earrings with rounded designs will soften the cheekbones and the jaw line. Oversized hoop earrings that brush and extend below the jawline are our favorite look for this face shape because they make the face appear smaller.

5. Narrow Face: Narrow or rectangular shaped faces have the same general shape as the square face but are more elongated. Long dangle earrings with elongated curves will accentuate the check one and add softness. Clustered Pearl earrings that dangle far below the earlobe will help to minimize the length of the face.

You should also know that studs are perfect for all face shapes and all occasions. From casual wears on the weekends to the fanciest black tie event effortlessly?.

Post written by Sophie Bello for My Velvet Box!

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