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‘Her Pearl, His Treasure’- READ Roselyn & Adesola’s Beaautiful Love Story | NECK Media

These love birds are seriously making us jealous! Roselyn and Adesola are too cute! Roselyn, told her husband to be, that if he wasn’t ready to marry her immediately, he shouldn’t bother to propose as she was not ready to wear an engagement ring for more than 6 months, and Sola listened.

Read their story below, enjoy!



How they met:

You know this general saying that says ‘what will be will be?’ As a Christian I will like to coin it to say, ‘Only what God wants willprevail’ I met Adesola Mobolaji sometimes in 2008 (200 level). My drama unit was having rehearsals around Health Sciences building in Obafemi Awolowo University (Great Ife!!) permit me to say that. He walked in to see his friend,roomate and coursemate Daniel Damilare who is also my friend and fellowship member. He took interest in me since then and we were introduced to each other.

Being an Engineering student, I was not interested in any relationship at that time because I really wanted to push my grades up and sit tight. So I didn’t even allow close friendship till he graduated from school.

Even though himself and Damilare pressed n pressurised. At a point I even got angry because Damilare was even the one at the forefront of talking and pushing , Infact he was the one that told me about his friend’s intentions first and I was like huh?? ‘your friend no get mouth’ but Damilare was just being a good friend to him ni because he didn’t tell him to do the initial talk for him.


Somehow we lost contact and we both moved on . But like a month before I graduated from school in 2011/2012, we started talking again but I told him I want just friendship, so we were friends till it became official in March 2013, precisely on the 15th. And believe me, it has been awesome ever since then, I have never had any cause to regret taking this step.


How he asked:

Meanwhile, I told him that I don’t want to wear engagement ring for more than 6months, so he should not even think about proposing when wedding is not in view because I don’t want to become ‘lord of the rings’ lol true ooh! Naso I come dey expect ring around April oo because my birthday is 9th of April, I went to my special salon for a perfect short beautiful hair, wore new dress, carefully did a beautiful makeup for myself, u go fear dissapointment of the highest order na, he even took me to Orientals for lunch. Chaii, I told my friends but they found it hilarious loool We laughed it over but it pained me small, but whose fault.. He was just following the 6months rule I gave him.

It sha later happened when ‘I didn’t hexerit’ he proposed on the 28th of June, 2015 it was a special moment, my nails were luckily painted, he got down on one knee and recited long, kind, sweet words and Godly promises. I was there impatient at a point, in my mind, I was just like ‘put this ring on the finger na’ then he poped the big question ‘Will you Marry me and make my life more colourful?’ With a beautiful long smile I said YES!!! And oh yes! I got my grades up in school and had a beautiful project..

And our friend Mr Damilare is happily married for over a year now and he is super happy for us but he won’t stop teasing me.


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