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He Let Her Choose Her Engagement Ring & Gave Her the Best Surprise Marriage Proposal EVER!!! READ Victoria & CJ’s Beautiful Love Story

Last week we shared Victoria and CJ’s beautiful surprise marriage proposal video HERE. Check it out if you missed it. The couple just shared how they met and how CJ pulled off the most beautiful proposal that left Victoria head over heels in love with him over again. So sweet! Check it out below, be inspired.



Victoria & CJ Marriage Proposal Story copy


How We Met
From the bride-to-be, Victoria

My fiancé, CJ and I met in college. We both graduated from Lamar University. I never noticed him around campus until I saw him at a party with his frat brothers (Alpha Phi Alpha) and I was like “dang! he is really handsome”. I was never going to tell him that, obviously.

One time, I had asked my best friend’s boyfriend (who is her husband now) to set up a hangout for the three of us to chill, so I can get a chance to get to know him more. Little did I know he set up a double date with me, my fiancé, my best friend and himself.

It was kind of weird because I kept thinking “oh! now he is really going to know I like him”. All four of us went to Ra Sushi and it was the best time I had in a long time. My fiancé and I clicked that moment.
He was extra nervous at the beginning because he was ordering drinks all night long. After the date, we went to an after spot and literally talked the whole night long. Right there and then, I knew he was perfect for me.


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How I Picked My Ring
We were shopping in the mall one day and my fiancée asked if I wanted to look at some rings and of course, I agreed with so much excitement. So when I walked into the place I told Steve, the store attendant that “oh yeah my boyfriend is proposing this year so I’m looking for a ring” LOL.

He could tell from the rings that I was looking at that I wanted something big and different. So Steve went to the back and pulled out this emerald cut ring, when I saw it I knew that was the ring I wanted.
Shortly after, my fiancé told me to walk around the mall while he talked numbers with the guy. When I got back, Steve told me that he didn’t get the ring and right there I felt sad but I tried to cheer myself up with the famous “if it’s meant to be it’s meant to be” and vice versa speech.
Let it be known that, my fiancée actually got the ring and even made a half down payment on the ring but just told the guy to act like he didn’t get approved. So the guy played along with the story.

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The proposal
I was so surprised at my proposal. I always knew it was coming this year but I didn’t know how he was going to do it so I was always on the look out for signs.

He got me so good. How he planned and executed this with the help of my best friends and family members of course and made it look like it was my best friend’s birthday party. It was legit a genius and airtight plan because nothing ever gets passed me. I catch everything.


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My friends had seized my phone earlier that evening because they refused to understand that getting ready is not a one-minute event hehe. When it was time to go, we went down to the lobby of the apartments to take pictures before we going out and the whole time I was yelling ” where is my phone I’m dressed now lol”
When I walked into the room the first person I saw was my fiancée and a photographer and then my entire family. I was in shock because I was thinking no! I’m supposed to be going out.


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The way he had everything set up was breathtaking, he had a cake, roses, rose petals, my family, and friends there, champagne, music, my ring! My fav emerald cut ring!
When he asked the will-you-marry-me question, I said of course! I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal I swear. Right then and there I fell more in love with him because he took the time to plan everything so beautifully and perfectly. I love him!

We have started planning our wedding, picking dates, venue, dress, and everything else in between so we can get a head start.


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Groom-to-be, CJ
I had been planning this for about a month now with the help of her mom and best friends. I had even asked her dad for her hand in marriage three weeks before the proposal.
It was actually her best friend’s birthday that day so the plan was very simple: dinner and a girl’s night out. Of course, when they go out, they get their makeup and hair done so they look their best.

Everything was planned to look and feel normal. Her friends took her phone because with the promise to return it if she made it their dinner reservation for 8 pm!. Because according to them, she was always the last to get ready and be out but apparently, her sister had gotten her a snapchat filter that she didn’t want her to see it.

When she walked, I was standing right there with a photographer, a cake, rose petals and the ring she had picked! It was so perfect, I needed it to be. She said yes! #Awesome!


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Victoria & CJ Marriage Proposal Story copy

Victoria & CJ Marriage Proposal Story 1

Victoria & CJ Marriage Proposal Story 6

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Watch the beautiful moments….

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