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“God has shown me favour and has given me a good gift – a beautiful wife! READ Moses & Francesca’s Amazing Love Story

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After 2 and a half years+ of dating, Moses and Francesca are looking forward to unite as ONE on the 28th of November, 2015.

Moses and Francesca believe that marriage is a gift from God and a sacred institution, a biblically based marriage is one that is in balance with Christ as the head of the man and the wife together. The biblical concept of marriage is a oneness between two individuals that pictures the oneness of Christ with His church.

How they met:

I first met Moses when I was in Secondary School. We never really spoke much, I used to say hello every now and then as we had mutual friends but we didn’t get a chance to build a proper personal relationship of our own (looking back… I would’ve NEVER thought I was looking at my Husband to be!!). A couple years of bumping into each other around town, I noticed that I hadn’t seen Moses for a while; I then learned from a friend that Moses had gone to Nigeria to complete his education. As far as I knew, that was the last time I thought I would ever hear his name.

Fast forward 3 years later to 2012, (This is a seriously true story!!) one night, I had a dream and Moses was in it, he was smiling at me – and I at him. I woke up and I was thinking “wow, I wonder why that boy was in my dream; I haven’t seen him for ages”. The NEXT NIGHT, I was with my friend Tanita (Maid of Honour) and I saw a request to add a contact named ‘M0S3s*%$’, basically…. All the icons you can think of (These were the days of the famous blackberry when people had really silly usernames, haha!). I literally ran to Tanita and said “oh my gosh Tanita, I had a dream about this boy last night, how weird!” Anyhow, I accepted Moses’s request and we began chatting, we were seeing how each other were and what we got up to throughout the years. What really intrigued me was that Moses said he was a ‘Christian now’, I was thinking Hallelujah as I never had a male friend I could genuinely speak about Christ with at that time. We instantly clicked and I was comfortable enough to tell him that I had a dream about him the night before; he must’ve thought I was craazzzyy but I think he just said ‘lol’.


Months went by and I would literally talk to Moses every single day without fail, it started off as a brotherly-sisterly relationship , we would go out on little ‘dates’ and just talk and laugh and he would drop me back home on time! As we were talking more and more, we were also getting stronger in our faith, we used to share the bible together and what new revelations we learnt and how we could incorporate this in our daily lives. We were known to build each other up on encouragement, especially Moses – he is the number 1 encourager!! I believe God used him to help me get where I am today. If most of you don’t know, Moses is a Go-Getter!! If he has a goal, he will make sure he achieves it, this + his strong faith in God=WINNER! I remember when Moses used to go on and on about how he wants to become an investment banker and he used to go to all these networking events and would always research everything he needs to know thoroughly, the most hardworking person I’ve ever known (and smartest – he is super smart.. yay for our children!!). I used to just listen to him and smile; his motivation also motivated me to take my future seriously. Everything Moses said he wanted to achieve at that time – he has achieved now – in such a short space of time. It’s so amazing, he is so amazing.


 Back to our relationship… so after about 6 months of friendship and confusion, we started to look into Christian dating (courtship). We never really knew what it meant, but what we did know as Christians was that the Bible says that you should abstain from sexual immorality, which of course includes having sex outside of marriage. We both believed every word of God was true and should be followed by believers of the Faith. From reading and listening to various Christian materials, Moses set forth certain boundaries in our relationship to avoid this from happening..For example, we haven’t kissed in 2 years and counting! This was our own personal conviction, this was not easy! After all we are humans and we all have natural desires for the person we like; however, this is something that we still follow today and I am so happy that we followed this through and depended on the Word of God instead of following our own desires. I believe we have developed a stronger bond through this, Moses is my BEST friend!! And we are so happy that we stayed obedient together. I am honoured that Moses has displayed that my purity is worth more than his desire; I can trust that he will be a great leader and husband and my kids will have an amazing Father.He is such an amazing man of God (I think I’ve exhausted the word ‘amazing’ :/ )


Fast forward to now as I write this, and here I am about to get married “AHHHH”!! I can’t believe it, so amazing and so exciting. Some ask why I want to get married young, as a 22 year old. I believe there’s a certain level of maturity, life responsibility and one’s walk with Jesus that should be considered when assessing someone’s preparedness for marriage. I think at the root of that question is the assumption that marriage steals something away from me, as if my youth is being wasted in committed sacrificial love when it could be used for casual pleasure and flakiness.


Marriage is a beautiful gift from God! It is a means of grace. Moses found me and that is a good thing. I don’t agree with the logic that says, ‘put off God’s richest blessings as long as you can’. Instead I would say enjoy God’s good gifts and steward them for His glory.


This is not to say that everyone should get married when they are my age. It would have gone bad if I would have tried to get married before I was ready. Some of us need to mature more, and others need to pray for contentment and trust the Lord and His timing. My goal is not to say that the younger you get married, the more holy you are. I just want to dispel the myth that we should delay adulthood and only consider marriage once we’re thirty or older.


Moses is one of the wisest men I know. I can’t wait till we join the same team and he will continue to pour his wisdom into me. I love you Moses!


The Proposal:

As I noted in the ‘His Story’ section, I believe the way in which I proposed to my Queen was a ‘God-given’ idea. And I think if I’m in doubt of that; the fact that she said ‘Yes!’ to me confirms it likely was 🙂

The plan was to go to the London Eye with my Francesca because neither I nor her had ever been before. Many people advised me on how to propose to her, Some said I should rent out a private Capsule, however although sounding lush, I knew Francesca would clock on and be like “where’s my ring mmmmhmmm?!” So I decided to go with the plain, but more ‘brave’ option – proposal in the capsule where others would witness it! To be frank, I wasn’t really scared when thinking about it, I was more scared that when I came around to actually proposing to Francesca, I would open up the ring box and have it facing me (yes, i practiced at home and it was facing me.. Shame!).

Last thing I needed in place was a photographer to capture the moment, shout out to Pastor Rob for recommending Keith – or should I say ‘007 Keith’ (you’ll soon understand why). Keith decided he’d capture the moment for us, and bearing in mind Francesca had never met him before, this was just what I needed.

So the plan was set and the big day arrived, we made our way to Westminster. Francesca looked beautiful as always, however her ‘nails weren’t did’ haha! She always told me that she wants her nails to be done when I propose, but thankfully her not having them done just suggested she had no clue what was going to take place that night.

The evening seemed pretty normal…according to Francesca that is, we had our usual banter, discussions about different things but when we got to the London Eye, I told her I needed to get our tickets and that she should wait at the entrance. That was code for “I need to get our tickets but also locate Keith so he could queue up behind us”. Once i got the tickets, I made my way back to my babe, still oblivious to what was going on, and we continued with our discussions. I couldn’t help but laugh as I saw Keith wandering behind us as Francesca and I indulged in our ‘deep discussions’ – my mind wasn’t actually there though, in my mind I was in the capsule on my knees.

Finally we got into the Eye Capsule with Keith alongside, and all that was planned was about to take place. Till this point I was still pretty calm; nervousness wasn’t even in my vocabulary at that moment.

As we went up, my Francesca and I scoped the view of London, and it was beautiful. We started taking pictures, and trust Francesca to ask to take a ‘selfie’. Again this was a ‘God-given’ moment (Disclaimer: Our Father in Heaven really does care about us individuals). As she requested for the ‘selfie,’ I called on Keith (random photographer in the capsule lool) and asked whether he would kindly take a picture of Francesca and I. He accepted – obviously – and then told us he would kindly email the pictures to us free of charge – Francesca was astonished 🙂

In the meantime, the London Eye had nearly reached the top. My heart was now pounding, it was game time. I can still remember the feeling, I was scared, thinking how I was going to do it. Nonetheless, we got to the top and I asked my Queen to sit down, she did, and then I made the ‘drop’. Yes the drop, right on my knee. And the words out of my mouth were along the lines of – ‘I love you Bim, and I thank God for bringing you into my life, will you marry me? (Ring out)’ By this time, Francesca was already screwing me in shock-horror and then she burst into tears. Aww 🙂 – I was overwhelmed. I was still waiting however and then..and then…and then…she said ‘YES!’
She made my day, I hope I made hers too. God has shown me favour and has given me a good gift – a beautiful wife!


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  • Lorraine Speyo
    June 4, 2015

    OMG Francesca!!! I havent seen her in agessss woooowwwwe only God bought me to your blog. We lost contact please where do I find her??????