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From The Office, Straight To The Alter! Damilola & Tobi’s Office Romance Story Will Inspire You | Happy Benson Pixels 

Who says office romance isn’t worth it, wait until you read this interesting couple, Damilola and Tobi’s who met at KPMG where they both worked! The lovely bride-to-be shared their interesting love story with us. Read and be inspired! 

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Photography by Happy Benson Pixels!

How we met 

By bride-to-be

Rewind to November, 2012 when I joined the organization where I currently work. About my second day in the firm as a first year Auditor, I was given a task I had no clue about with very little or close to nothing guide but was asked to speak with a couple of people (seniors) within the office (pool).

As a newbie, I met with the senior colleagues as directed but the explanation/ solutions proffered were very “high-level”, and some were very quick to tell me – I will send it to you via email in a bait to discharge me so I can allow them focus on their numerous “to-do’s”, trust me I couldn’t blame them and no one would because it was that very peak & busy period of the year with tight deadlines, pressured environment and a billion and one things demanding ones attention.


While I continued my search to get my assigned task done, I sighted Tobi (a third year Auditor) for the first time in a corner in the pool busy with his work like others but at the same time having discussions with another senior colleague, difficult to tell what the discussion was about, but it had to be work related… Immediately, I thought to myself “this might be the answer to your search”, I braced up carried my laptop towards him, sought permission from the person he was discussing with, and without waiting to get his “go-ahead response” I went on with Tobi about my task, what I had done so far, leverages/explanation I had gotten from people. Immediately, Tobi asked me to drag a seat, he showed me, explained and taught me. Lo & behold that was the end to my search and I delivered on my task asap.

The next day, at work he came in to the pool, I said HI to him and he winked ?, yes he did that “in a very professional environment” can you imagine…, i thought to myself “what’s wrong with this one?
To cut this long epistle short, we became friends, very close colleagues, hung out couple of times outside work premises, we started going home together and he will pick me from home to work. Goes out of his way to drop me at Surulere everyday from VI before heading to Gbagada and same routine in the morning Gbagada – Surulere – VI (you can tell these are extreme ends to the Island). All of these went on & on with us just being friends✌.

Tobi filled with lot of surprises, one afternoon, anonymously sent a really lovely cake to the office to me with “JUST BECAUSE it’s THURSDAY… I was truly surprised but I confronted him and he admitted he was d one. He asked that we take our friendship to another level in May 2013? and start dating of course I loved it totally and was ready to continue the ride. Shortly after we made it officially, he resigned and joined another firm.

Fast forward to 16 October 2015 my birthday – the proposal and another mega surprise awaited me and I love every bit of it. Was super excited when I saw the blue box sitting pretty in ice bucket of champagne with my Sweetheart on one kneels just murmuring things I couldn’t hear.


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