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“Friends to Forever” Nigerian Wedding Presents Tonte & Belema’s Incredible Love Story

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Knowing you are marrying your best friend, one of the greatest feeling in the world! Read Tonte & Belema’s inspiring love story. Everything works out for good for those who trust the Lord….be inspired!

Our Journey
Season 01 Episode 01: How We Met – (The Letter According to Tonte)

We met at work! This is basically a story of ‘friends to forever’. I did not see it coming until it hit me *big grin*.

In 2012 after my NYSC in Lagos, I got a job and was to report in Port Harcourt, at about the same time I had gotten another job offer in Port Harcourt which I declined. Unknown to me, Belema had taken up an offer at the same place I had declined.

I was not so excited about resuming at my new job in Port Harcourt because I was at crossroads on whether I should start work or do my MSc. And I must say that my decision to stay back and work was the best decision I made (Romans 8:28- And we know that ALL things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to his purpose!).

I resumed at work and then we were told there was another guy who would be resuming later on.

We were at work when this good looking guy eventually shows up (I like fine boys I won’t lie!) and seems to be chummy with everyone at work. I say hi to him and he introduces himself and that is it.

We hit off and became friends later and though we were working on different rigs when we were back to the office we always had lunch together and went home together. He didn’t have a car then so we used to hustle to get rides from our colleagues or walk out to get a cab.

My BFF Oluchi always used to tease me about Belema then and call him ‘my brother’ telling me how he was a nice guy and she wondered if he knew he should be wary of me (like am some devil!). Later on we found out we were both moving on to new jobs and guess what?

We were moving to the same place (again!). I even asked him to let me resign first so we did not have to leave at the same time.

Now it’s 2013, new jobs but we continued with our usual routine of going home together (now level don change Oga don buy car! ). It was then I noticed that my dear friend had started ‘catching feelings’ this got me really scared because I did not want to ruin our friendship so I began to act up and avoid him. There was even a day I threatened to jump out of the moving car, if he wouldn’t stop talking about us having a relationship!

He was very persistent and so convinced that I suggested to him-“ why don’t we have a contest?”

A contest I woefully lost because I got hooked on this wonderful, charming, smart, caring, super nice gentleman.

As they say, the rest is history!
Season 01 Episode 02: How We Met – (The Epistle According to Belema)

It was a normal day to resume a new job.

I went into the office, performed the usual first day formalities and was told there were other new guyz around. As is my nature, I went round to say hello to everyone.

That was how I first met this nice chatty chick and her friend Oluchi. I introduced myself; we said our hellos and new friends were made.

From then onwards, we would frequently have lunch together and hustle for rides or catch cabs after work. I remember always trying to pay for the lunch or cab fare and Tonte always scolding me to stop acting big boy with paying for lunch and cab fare. Yeah she’s that horrible.

The routine continued until I called her one day to tell her I was changing jobs.

She too said she was changing jobs and as you guessed right we were going to the same place.

I joked and told her to stop following me around given that she had also had an offer from my previous employer.
Season 01 Episode 02: The Chase – (A Tale of Jumpers by Belema)

As with the previous place of work, our lunch and after work chat continued, only now I have a car and can drop her off at the closest bus station to her house.

For somebody like me that counts his words, her company was a blessing. She does the talking I do the listening. That meant my after work trips soon extended to her gate. You can’t fault me – some people can drive to the North Pole without complaining if a smart, pretty chick like her is riding along. Soon I became Oliver twist. Of cause why won’t I want more?

I knew her routine so I invited myself to one of her Thursday midweek services.

After the service on our way to hers’ I dropped the line and Tonte nearly jumped out of the moving car. The next day I called her out for lunch and the first thing she said was; I will come if you won’t talk about yesterday night.

I was confident about what I wanted and she was pretty sure I won’t have it.

In the end as the elected politician will say – there was no victor no vanquished. hahahahahahahah

The Proposal

Season 02 Episode 01: The Proposal – (The Second Epistle of Belema)

Every guys dream is to pull a surprise that will make his lady gasp for breath when he is proposing and I’m no different.

I made secret arrangements with some mutual friends and fused it into our planned holiday to Dubai.

The plan was jinxed. Her Visa was not issued on time and she could not make the trip.

Days and weeks passed and I started cooking another plan.

The Saturday was her friend’s birthday; she knew I wouldn’t be attending as I had something pressing to do in the office.

She was to call me on her way to the party to give me an idea on when to pick her up on my way from work. At least that was the plan.

I never showed up to pick her, rather I called her friends also at the party and got a commitment from them not just to keep it quiet but make her come with them to my apartment after the party. She came in, met a small crowd in the siting room turned to ask what the occasion was and there I was on one knee with a ring in hand. Within that split second, my dearest Tonte did it again.

She went ballistic and ran to the kitchen enroute the balcony at the back. Don’t ask me why coz I don’t know. All I know is, I sent her friends after her – If she can attempt to jump off a moving car; she can as well jump off a balcony.


In no time my fiancée catchers arrived with her and I had a lovely finger to put the ring. Guess what she said while receiving the ring – Thank you, thank you, thank you, I will kill you.

Evil me, I got much more than the gasp I craved. Now I have plans for bride catchers at the wedding. In case the spirit of jumping surfaces in church. Buhahahahahahahaha!!!

Season 02 Episode 02: And The Winner Is … – (The Season Finale according to Tonte)

I will say the proposal was a coup; I did not have the faintest idea! It was a beautiful Saturday and Dorothy was having her birthday party. I had gotten into an argument with Belema the previous day but before that he had asked me to call him before I went for the party. On my way to the party I call him up to tell him I was off and he just says “good girl have fun”.(Imagine!).

The party was fun and I danced my head off and was a mess. Belema had said he would come get me on his way from work and it was almost 9pm and he still had not called. In hindsight now I remember Oluchi leaving where I was to take phone calls but oh well I could not be bothered.

The party was coming to an end and then the coup began. My friends packed food and cake they wanted me to give to Belema since he was ‘at work’ and he could not make the party. They even offered to give me a ride to his place to drop the food. I obliged and went down to see him. I started hearing whispers of convoy and am like “are you guys still going out this night?” Nobody answered.

Nikki drove myself and Oluchi to Belema’s house. Oluchi said she would ride with us because she had an ‘errand’ to run around the area. They dropped me off and I got in, I met Belema standing outside waiting for me and could hear some noise from his apartment so I asked if he had people over, he said just a few. Next thing Oluchi walked in the gate and asked if she could wait for a bit at Belema’s house. (Silly me still did not code).

I entered and saw a gazillion people in the house and it seemed like they were having a party! I said hi and went on to the kitchen to drop the food and something made me turn back. Belema was on one knee with a ring, I didn’t wait to hear what he said, I just said “oh no not now” and I ran. (You won’t blame me I was a mess! Sweaty from the dancing, chipped nails etc).

I overhead Belema tell someone to go get me because I was ‘dramatic’ and could jump from the balcony (what do my friends take me for?). They brought me back (I had started sweating again), my friends from the other party were there and Belema was still on one knee with the prettiest sparkler ever.

I don’t even remember him saying anything to me because of all the confusion but I remember mumbling ‘thank you, I’ll kill you’.


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  • zinny
    July 25, 2015

    This is woooow. Lovely,exqusite I must say.

  • Favour
    July 26, 2015

    Love so sweet!