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4 Months After They Met, He Proposed! SEE Vanessa & Earnest’s Pre-wedding Photos & Read Their Beautiful Love Story | 1st Xpression Visuals

When GOD writes your love story, there isn’t any struggle, every single thing falls into place. This is the story of Vanessa and Ernest. It was love at first sight, and the rest is history they say, you’ve got to read it!

Photos by 1st Xpression Visuals.

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It was february 2015 and i had just relocated from my state, I actually needed a change of environment after a failed long term relationship and a friend had introduced me to her church and pastors so, I started attending services and was glad because i needed to reconnect with God, a lot was happening and I wanted God to step in (it worked cos I got my miracle and freedom from sins) lol. I became a regular visitor at one of the pastors house, he was not only very encouraging, he sang like a bird and I love his knit family. On one of those visits, I met this really fine dude who had come visiting too though he his not a member of that church.

Immediately we were introduced, his first sentence was “Pastor I want this one ooo” the pastor replied “this one is for marriage ” the dude replied “I will marry ” ( laughs) …All the while I was just smiling because down in my heart I wasn’t ready for a new relationship, it was only 7 months ago I walked out of my last one,but, while I was there smiling and thinking to myself, I also had these conviction, this guy was (Him) all i wanted and I didn’t want to fight it too hard. We started chatting casually and ended up exchanging numbers before he left, He would call and text all day and we became really close. Falling in love again was so easy and the rest is history. I bless God for Him daily.



(GROOM) ERNEST I was seeing this new face in town around march 2015 and I liked her but she was never alone, always in company of her friends so I kept admiring her from afar (smiles).

One day I saw her again at her friends place of work and I whispered to her friend to introduce us but she wasn’t having it,she was very protective and so I let go hoping I’ll see her alone some day. Months have passed and I went to see my pastor friend and his family on a business transaction,I was outside talking with the family when I saw her come out of the sitting room, my heart skipped and I just quickly looked away. The pastor introduced us and i casually yet quickly said “pastor gimme this one ” “I want this one ooo” the pastor replied “this one na for marriage “(laughs) I replied him immediately “I will marry na” but the pastor was a bit reluctant to continue with our little argument and said “well thats her there, talk with her “…. so I looked at her on the other side and asked for her number, she smiled and said ok ….I handed her my phone and she entered her digits.

Later that day when i was sure she was home i called and she picked up, i kept at it till we would talk for long hours and chats some times and soon it was my birthday July 17th 2015… I offered to take her out,we had a good time and I will say it started right from my birthday. God blessed me with this pretty God fearing lady, I really thank God for bringing us this far.





It was a simple yet intimate one, that was december 18th 2015, we were only 4 months into the relationship. We were talking about future and he casually dropped the question, I pretended I didn’t hear him and he repeated it lol…. I was shocked a bit tho something told me he wasn’t joking so I answered with “if God permits I will “(laughs) Then 2016 June We started planning the wedding and all that comes with a Nigerian marriage ceremony and one evening after few months we had a serious argument and I walked out to avoid us arguing much. I picked up my phone and was going through my media pages when I felt a touch in my hair and looked back to see what it was, there he was on his knee with a really cute ring in his hands, I was so blown away because I wasn’t expecting it at all let alone after a quarrel. He said few sweet words and ended up with the big question ….I screamed Yes! Awww It is the best surprise ever !

(GROOM) Hnmm it wasn’t a big proposal, I am a bit of a shy person so I kept it very simple, it was a very simple proposal, she didn’t see it coming so I managed to pull the surprise (lol).



















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