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“The Doctor & The Patient” Ayo & Femi’s Magical Love Story & Pre-wedding Photos | Jide Kola Photography

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Ayo and Femi’s surprise marriage proposal is one of my absolute favourite! Like seriously, she was left utterly speechless and blown away completely! We couldn’t help but grin from ear t ear watching this well thought out and flawlessly planned proposal, make sure to watch it below.

The two love birds met at the hospital where the bride-to-be Ayo worked as a Doctor, and Femi was brought in as a patient, in need of urgent medical attention….and the rest is history!

Check out all their lovely photos shot by Jide Kola below, be inspired!





How we met
Our story began one fateful night when I was on call, it was almost 12midnight and my day had been a busy and stressful one. At that time, all I wanted to do was get some sleep even if it was just for a few minutes, but just when I thought I had the chance to do that, one of the nurses on duty came over to inform me that a patient had been admitted to the ward and my attention was needed; I grudgingly went over to attend to the patient who turned out to be Ayo, I walked into the room and introduced myself while asking a few questions, he had a smile on his face, was cheerful and tried to crack a few jokes while I struggled to keep a straight face, pretending I didn’t find any of his jokes funny.


When I was done attending to him, he asked for my number before I left the room, I didn’t know if it was a good idea to give him or not, so I hesitated , then he said “or it’s not allowed?”, then I nodded and said “yes it’s not”, I was happy he had given me an escape route.

The next day, I went back to the usual unit where I worked and I later learnt he felt much better and had asked to be discharged. Then for some funny reason, I started to regret not giving him my phone number the day before; that was the first time ever that I would regret not giving a guy my number, I kept whining to my friend about how I messed up but she didn’t help matters, instead she was blaming me for doing too much “shakara”.
I just had to console myself that if we were meant to be then we’d meet again somewhere, somehow.
The following day, he came back to look for me, but the people he asked didn’t know the unit where I worked so he left without seeing me.




Then finally, the day after, he came back again, this time with one of his friends. He said he was determined to find me even if it meant he had to pay one if the security men to help him get my number. Luckily, this time, he met someone who actually knew the unit where I worked and they told him where to find me.

I was sitting with one of my colleagues at the nurses station filling some forms when I heard someone announce to one of the nurses that he was looking for “Dr. Olumide”, I raised my head immediately I heard my name only to see him standing there with his friend; I was shocked and happy at the same time though I didn’t make it obvious that I was, I got up immediately and pulled him to a corner away from prying eyes leaving his friend behind to talk to my colleague who happened to be an old school mate of his.


I asked what he was doing there, and he replied, “the last time I was here, I asked for your number but you said you couldn’t give me because I was your patient, now that I’m no longer your patient, can I have your number now?”, I was even more shocked, I had to ask him if that was why he had come to the hospital that day and that was when he confessed that he had come to look for me earlier and I was the only reason he had come that day.

I have to admit I was blown away by his determination, I couldn’t get over the fact that he came all the way just to get my number; I knew better than to make the same mistake twice, not after I almost beat myself up for not giving him my number the very first time so I hurriedly scribbled my number on a paper, handed it over to him and told him I had to get back to work, then he asked when he could call me and I told him to call me at 9pm.


Unfortunately, at 9pm I don’t know how I managed but he called 3 times and I wasn’t with my phone then he left a text message, I almost beat myself up when I saw the missed calls then I called back and apologised for missing his calls and he offered to call back and we talked for hours on the phone non-stop.
From that very first call he told me had wanted us to be more than just friends and he had hoped that this was the beginning of something beautiful that would last forever, later on he confessed that from the moment I walked into the room that night in the hospital, he knew I was “the one” he had been searching for, till today I still don’t understand how but he says he just knew it.


The proposal
Fast forward to a year and a couple of months later, he proposed to me on my birthday.
I had been whining about how I didn’t know what to do for my birthday this year, then he suggested we go for dinner at Oriental hotel.
He had fooled me into thinking that it was just my sister, one of my cousins and their other halves that would be at the restaurant with one of his close friends, the funny thing was that I was the one that even told my cousin about the dinner, he made me feel like I was in charge of the planning.
Little did I know that he planned to propose and he had carefully planned out everything from surprise guests down to hidden photographers.


He came home to pick me after work that day and as usual I took forever to get ready but he didn’t complain, I thought “of course! He can’t complain, it’s my birthday so I’m allowed to take my time.”
I didn’t know that he was actually happy that I was wasting time because all the surprise guests hadn’t arrived. When I was finally done getting ready, we left the house.


While we were on our way, he kept receiving calls from his crew and was telling me how there was an emergency shoot for a documentary that he couldn’t attend because it was my birthday and how they had to keep calling him for instructions. Apparently they had been calling to update him on the situation of things with the planned surprise but I didn’t suspect a thing, I was too busy replying birthday messages on my phone.
Later on, he made an made an excuse to stop by somewhere to check something out “quickly” , little did I know he was still trying to buy time.


As if that was not enough, he insisted we go to a shop around Chevron estate to pick my birthday gift that he had ordered weeks ago, I kept asking what the gift was but he said he wouldn’t tell me till we got there, he even made a call to the supposed shop to confirm that they were still open to make it look even more real (I got to find out later that it was his friend he was talking to on the phone and not any shop attendant).


We went past oriental hotel all the way to 3rd round about, then he made another call and then few minutes later decided that the traffic was getting too much and we should turn back and go to the restaurant because my sister and cousin would have been waiting and convinced me that the shop didn’t close till 10 pm so we would come back with the others to get the gift after dinner.
Finally, we arrived at the venue, and were welcomed by his friend, my sister, cousin and their other halves, we sat down and he asked for the menu and told me to order food for all of us then excused himself to go to the men’s room.

I was busy trying to order food while I spoke to his friend who had intentionally come to sit beside me to distract me with conversation when surprise guests popped out from nowhere about five minutes later, all the people that he had been talking to on the phone that were meant to be at the shoot were part of the surprise guests, I was still trying to get over my shock because I’d never had a surprise party before, then I looked back and saw him down on one knee holding open a box with a ring in it with two other friends holding a banner that said “will you marry me?” It was the happiest day of my life and of course I said YES. Who wouldn’t say yes to such an amazing man?







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  • Nehita
    October 17, 2016

    This is so lovely, i wish you both a successful married life. God bless.