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“I Choose To Love You Completely & Unconditionally ” Adaugo & Victor’s Gorgeous Wedding At The Persimmon Country Club, Oregon Portland | Xtian’s Imagery

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Whenever we receive an email from Xtian’s Imagery, we know we are all in for a real treat! Filled to the brim with beautiful wedding day highlights and inspiration, this Persimmon Country Club, Oregon Portland wedding will make your heart swoon.

From the gorgeously dressed couple, to their bridal party, the bride’s pretty cascading bouquet and the quiet outdoor wedding ceremony, you would agree with us that this was one amazing event. So, get ready to pin your heart out and read Adaugo and Victor’s incredible love story, enjoy!



How they met:

The bride | Adaugo

A few years ago 2013 to be precise, I moved from LA to Oregon. I joined R.C.C.G, Portland, OR and became a member of the choir. The following year, the church was celebrating it’s anniversary. It was a two-day service, on Saturday and Sunday. On that fateful day, while I was leading praise for the Saturday service was when I saw a new face walk into the church. It was a regular thing to see new faces so it wasn’t a big deal that day. After service we both went our separate ways; that was the first time I saw him. The next day, after church service, I saw him again and we went our separate ways again.

A few months later, on a Saturday afternoon, I was supposed to attend a wedding which I was reluctant to attend. That same afternoon a friend of mine called to tell me that it was their country’s independence day. She invited me to the get together. I agreed to go.




Upon getting to the venue, as I walked in with my friend looking for a spot to sit, I saw a familiar face but couldn’t remember where I had seen him. He kept staring at me, causing our eyes to catch a couple of times. After a while, it recurred where I had seen him. I kept wondering why he was staring at me and I thought to myself, maybe he had seen me at my church months back. He was sitting opposite where I was heading to grab some food. As I walked towards the food-which was close to where he was sitting- he introduced himself as Victor, asked if my church was R.C.C.G, that I looked familiar, and that it was nice meeting me again. I grabbed my food and walked back to my seat. He kept staring at me which made me feel uncomfortable (lol).




After a little while, I decided to dance with my friend, when someone tapped me from behind. When I turned it was Victor. He asked if he could talk to me outside and I agreed. When we got outside he asked if he could have my number and till this day he keeps saying I looked at him from head to toe before I reluctantly gave him my number…lol. I don’t recall doing that, but he still thinks that I did. Immediately he got my number, he dialed it. I guess he was thinking I gave him a fake number, unfortunately I wasn’t with my phone outside. He told me he would give me a call sometime after that night. He called the following day and gradually, we started talking occasionally. The more I got to know him, the more I realized how much we had in common and eventually we grew really close as friends. He was that person who would encourage and motivate me in all that I do and that’s one of the features I grew to love about him.




After some months, we knew we liked each other but didn’t mention anything of that sort, so we went on pretending everything was normal as we remained friends. One evening we had a serious conversation and from that moment forward I couldn’t imagine life without him. We learnt to love one another past our flaws alongside with the highs and lows of a relationship. But we never gave up on each other. I believe our faith in God, love and God on our side was what brought us to this point. I truly feel like I’m the most blessed amongst women. Victor is nothing short of a testament of God’s love for me from his gentle spirit, kind heart, and even his smile. He represents God in every area of his life the more time I spend with him the closer I feel drawn to Christ. I always prayed for a husband that loves me more than he loved himself but also a man that loved God more than he loves me and I think it’s safe to say he answered me my prayers and much more. I’m even more excited knowing that I will be spending the rest of my life with him and of course share his last name.




The Groom | Victor

I honored an invitation to a church anniversary service on one Saturday, I had no idea that I would meet my soulmate there. Behold, this worship leader singing among the choir… but that was just it on that day.


About a month later, I was invited to a Ghanaian independence day event by a friend. God bless that day, I saw her and we both talked how we had seen each other at church before. At the end of the event, I asked her for her contact but she was skeptical about giving it me. I persisted until she finally gave it to me. I confirmed her number immediately while she was there to make sure it was authentic… there might not be another opportunity you know




I tried to keep up a calm decent communication with her until she became comfortable with me. We built a good friendship until we started dating.  Adaugo is such a wonderful lady, gentle, smart, hardworking, beautiful and above all,  she has a sacred personal relationship with God. Getting to know her has been intriging and I didn’t want that to end. After praying and fasting to God, I decided to surprise her.


How he proposed:

We went to Washington DC to attend my best friend’s graduation; little dd Adaugo know that I had made plans with my best friend and his wife to propose to her. It was my most nervous moments but I’m grateful to God that she said yes after having me kneel for about five minutes.

In Adaugo, I have found my missing rib; I have found another fulfilment after God. I love her not because of the characters and qualities she excellently and graciously possesses but because I have chosen to love her completely and unconditionally as Christ has commanded. By God’s grace, I know I will get old with her.


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